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What is the value of a two headed Lincoln penny?


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You have what's known as a "Magician's Coin".

This is NOT something that was done at the Mint.

Somebody made this by altering two normal coins and gluing the altered pieces back together. Use a magnifier to check just inside the rim on one side of the coin -- you are looking for the seam where the two pieces were joined -- it could be on either side of the coin.

This type of novelty item sells regularly on for a couple of dollars.

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This is not a mint error. The coin has been altered some how, likely two halves glued together..It has no numismatic value.

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Wheat cents are a variety of Lincoln cents minted from 1909 to 1958, currently worth about two cents. The Lincoln memorial pennies are still face value.

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Nothing. It's a fake. Please take the time to use this site's Search feature. Enter the word DOUBLE and you'll find that this question has been asked hundreds of times.

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The value depends on the type and severity of the the error. If nothing else, it contains two cents' worth of copper.

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It's a privately manufactured novelty coin or a home made glued together kind that has no value at all.

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