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A two headed quarter is not something that was done at the mint, it is a novelty item, generally with high enough magnification you can see the seam that the two coins were joined together. They aren't rare and really aren't worth any more than a quarter.

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Two headed us quarter?

Double headed novelty and Magician's coins have no numismatic value, but depending on the denomination an quality most are under $10.00

How much is a 1990 two-headed quarter?

Double headed novelty and Magician's coins have no numismatic value, but depending on the denomination an quality most are under $10.00.

How much is a three headed quarter worth?

There are no 3 headed quarters minted by the U.S. Mint.

How much is a two headed quarter worth with the years 1977 and 1980 on them?

Not a US Mint product. Two quarters have been glued together and it has no collectible value.

What is the value of a two headed quarter that has 1991 on one side and 1969 on the other side?

This Was not made by the mint. Its a novelty coin or something someone has made. The coin has little or no value.

What is the value 1967 double headed quarter?

This is a novelty coin and was not made by the US Mint it has no numismatic collectible value.

What is the value of a two headed quarter with different dates?

Nothing it is considered a magicians coin. They shave off one half of two quarters and then melt them together. On half will be thinner than the other.

How much is an 1964 silver 2 headed quarter worth?

This is a novelty or magic coin with a value about $8.00

What is a 2 headed quarter with no date worth?

This is a novelty or magic coin, not a Mint error. It has no numismatic value.

What is the value of Two Headed red cent?


Your son has a double headed quarter with George Washington on it dated 1789 what is its value and the storie behind it?

Look at the date again. NO Washington quarter should have a date before 1932. Double headed and double tailed coins are called magician's coins and are made by machining and joining parts from two real quarters. They have no numismatic value but are sold by novelty shops for $5 - $10 and are available on eBay for $2 - $3.

How can you tell if a double headed quarter is real?

To be very blunt, if you hold it in your hand and it looks like a standard quarter but has two heads or two tails, you can say for certain that it's a fake.

Where is the date located on a two headed quarter?

You have a novelty item called a magician's coin. It's not real.

What is the value of a two headed quarter with 1990 on one side and 1992 on the other?

It's a novelty coin and can be purchased at many novelty shops for a couple dollars. If you try to spend it you can get a quarter for it most places, but technically it's a defaced coin and should not be used as money.

What is the value of quarter with two dates 1776 and 1976?

It's just a Bicentennial quarter, spend it.

What is a two sided 1922 Liberty coin worth?

It may have some value, but two headed coins are novelty items with no collectible value.

What is a 1994 double headed quarter worth?

I have a 1994 quarter double date, what is the worth ?

What is a 1986 quarter on one side 1987 quarter on the other side of the same coin?

That's a novelty two-headed coin. They're sold in joke and magic shops.

What is value of Wisconsin state quarter with extra leaf?

two dollars

What is the value of a two-headed US quarter?

They are novelty coins, manufactured for the novelty or illusionist/magician's industry. They're made by altering two normal coins and gluing the pieces back together. If you use a strong magnifier, you can probably find a seam just inside the raised rim on one side of the coin, or around the edge. Technically, they don't have any value except when someone wants one and is willing to pay for it. You can buy them in novelty shops for about $8, or on eBay for $2-$3. Sometimes people will spend their two headed coin without remembering that it isn't a real quarter. One WikiAnswers user claims to have made to a coin collection place in Detroit who said they had a real one that is selling for $100,000, if it is authentic. Sadly, no two-headed quarter has ever been certified as an authentic mint error, though one two-tailed quarter has been certified as an authentic mint error. This means that, in theory, a two-headed quarter with the same date on both sides could be authenticated, but the chances are more in favor of it being the manufactured novelty/magician's coin. Unless it's a genuine mistake that occurred in the mint, it's probably worth a few bucks at most. Two-headed quarters are often sold in magic and gag gift shops. See the Related Links for more info about these coins.

Value of two headed buffalo nickel?

It's worth the same as all other two-headed coins. It's privately made and has no value to a coin collector, but sells for a couple of bucks in a novelty shop where it's available as a magician's trick coin.

What the value of a 1783 quarter?

a quarter

How much is a 1979 two headed quarter worth?

In terms of numismatic value, these coins are worthless. They are not actually coins. They are novelty coins usually used by magicians. However, some people do have an interest in collected them, and they can be found online from $2 to $10.

Is there a two headed calf?

Yes,there is a two headed calf.

What is a 1789 double headed quarter worth?

It's not a real quarter. These were novelty items given out as promotional items.