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What is the value of a used 1927 game-ball with Babe Ruth's signature along with many others?


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April 26, 2008 4:49AM

Memorabilia documenting the New York Yankees' 1927 season is of great interest to today's vintage collectors, and this particular squad is still considered one of the best Major League teams ever fielded. Assessing the value starts with determining the exact year your ball was signed, which is best accomplished by reviewing the list of players who have signed it, and comparing the list to the rosters of the Yankees teams of the era. Collectors pay a premium for balls signed by the 1927 Yankees, so this info is vital to an accurate appraisal and potential sale. Presuming this ball does indeed date to 1927, other key factors of value are: the placement and clarity of signatures, esepcially Ruth's, the type of ball ("Official American League?"), and the all-important overall condition of the ball and signatures. If genuine, your ball could be worth several thousands of dollars. The provenance; where and when obtained, may also impact value. With autographs, a picture is often worth the proverbial thousand words, and can save alotta time in the authenticating, appraisal, and selling process.