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What is the value of a wine bottle that has D-334 118 62 4 stamped on the bottom of it and 60366076 on the bottom of the handle?



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That number D-334 118 62 4 is an information # used by the glass manufacturer which happens to be the T. C. Wheaton Glass Company of Millville, N.J., which was founded by Dr. Theodore C. Wheaton in 1888. The D-334 is the customer permit # which happens to be the # for the James B. Beam Distilling Co. The next # in line is 1 which is an internal factory/location # the next 4 #'s are the year the bottle was made 1864 which can't be right seeing the Wheaton Glass Company didn't exist until 1888 are you sure it isn't a nine? The last # is the cavity number. This is the ID # of the mold used to cast the bottle. Check your #'s again . . . Later, Jim