What is the value of an 1804 British Dollar?

What became known as a "British Dollar" was issued by the Bank of England and were restruck from Spanish-American 8-Reales until at least 1811 as an emergency measure during a period of financial crisis as a result of the Napoleonic Wars.

The coin has an unflattering bust of George III on the obverse, and Britannia seated inside a crowned oval on the reverse with the words "BANK OF ENGLAND" around the edge. The oval has the words "FIVE SHILLINGS" and "DOLLAR" stamped on it.

There are 8 variant strikings of this coin ranging from £130 GBP to £675 GBP depending on the condition.

All variants have Proof strikings better than FDC from £1,000 GBP.

A reputable coin dealer will be able to assist with positive identification and give a more accurate valuation.