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All British Coins have that motto, and all denominations from the Victorian era have Queen Victoria's picture on them, so that's not enough information to go on.

Please post a new question with the coin's denomination and an idea of how worn it is. The denomination will be something like farthing, penny, shilling, or half-crown.

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What us the value of an 1876 Victoria Dei Gratia Regina?

how much is this worth

What is the value 1958 Elizabeth 2 DEI-Gratia?

wht the value

What is the Victoria dei gratia 1854 worth?


Where was Victoria dei gratia 1854 minted?

VICTORIA DEI GRATIA tells me who the queen is, it tells me nothing about the coin. Whatever the coin is, if it was minted in 1854, it was probably minted at the Royal Mint in London.

What is the value of a Victoria Dei Gratia 1944?

Please check your coin and submit a new question including the denomination of the coin. Queen Victoria died in 1901.

What is the value of a 1900 Victoria Dei Gratia Regina 50 cent piece?

I am not a numismatist but normally the value of an old coin depends entirely on its condition................

How much is a Victoria dei gratia 1878 coin worth?

Many British coins have the inscription Victoria dei gratia (sometimes abbreviated to Victoria D: G:. It means Victoria, by the grace of God, so you will have to supply some more information, like the denomination, design, metal and diameter. The full inscription probably reads Victoria dei gratia reg Britt fid def (or an abreviated variant) - Victoria dei gratia Regina brittanniar fidei defensor - Victoria, by the grace of God, queen of Britain, Defender of the Faith. The inscription tells us about the Queen and nothing about the coin.

What is the value of a 1833 Victoria dei gratia coin?

Please check your coin. Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 and the first coins with her image on them were minted in 1838.

What is the value of a Georgivs Sextvs Dei Gratia Rex 1949 Cyprvs 12 Piastre?

what is the value of a georguvs sextvs dei gratia rex 1949 cyprvs 1/2

A coin dated 1967 which says one penny Victoria dei gratia Britt Regina f d value?

Check your coin. Queen Victoria died in 1901.

What is the Value of a 1806 carolus IIII dei gratia?

Ποια είναι η αξία ενός 1806 Carolus IIII dei gratia </ p>

Value of Victoria Dei Gratia Regina 1845 NewBrunswick one Penny Token?

The value for a well preserved one could be around $250- $300.

How much is 1859 Victoria dei gratia Canadian penny worth?

The value of an 1859 Victoria de Gratia Canadian penny is determined by its condition. They can be worth anywhere from 3 dollars all the way to 30,000 dollars.

How much is a 1888 Victoria dei gratia penny worth?

1 to 5 dollars.

What is value of 1793 carolus 1111 dei gratia coin?

what is valre fo 1793 carolus 1111 dei gratia coin

What is the value of a 1950 silver dollar Georgivs VI Dei Gratia Rex?

I have a canadian 1950 bollar Georgivs vi dei gratia rex how much is it worth?

What does Dei gratia mean translated in English?

dei gratia means 'by the grace of god'

What is the value of a 1961 Canadian elizabeth ii dei gratia Regina penny?

elizabeth iidei gratia regina penny

What is the value of a coin dated 1805 dei gratia carolus IIII on?


What kind of Queen Victoria coin says dei gracia instead of dei gratia it looks closest to a double florin but has no date can anyone explain this difference?

Given that it has no date, perhaps some sort of model or medal or token. The correct latin is definitely "Dei Gratia".

What is a 1898 Canadian penny worth?

I have a 1898 canadian penny (VICTORIA DEI GRATIA REGINA). How much is it worth?

Translate Del Gratia in English?

Dei gratia (not "Del" gratia) is "By the Grace of God"

What is the value of a Victoria dei gratia Regina 5 cent piece?

Please post a new, separate question with the coin's date and country of origin. Without that information it's not possible to provide an estimated value.

Who is Victoria dei gratia britanniar reg f d on a 1839 shilling?

Queen Victoria. That translates to "Victoria by the Grace of God, Queen of the British territories, Defender of the Faith".

What is the value of a 1846 Victoria dei gratia coin?

Much more information is needed. Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question with its denomination and country of origin.

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