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Retail is roughly $75 in worn condition, up to $100 if almost uncirculated.

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What is the value of a 1883 silver dollar coin? Epluribusunum is engraved on it !

The value of a 1883 uncirculated cc silver dollar is $200.00 or more but,not over than $250.00

This stuff has no numismatic collectible value. As for the value, try eBay. For some reason they do sell a lot of Morgan dollar copy's.

Current market value is $190.00-$235.00 for average Mint State coins. The 1883-CC issue is one of the more common coins.

Retail values run from $70.00-$120.00 for circulated coins and mint state coins start at $190.00

CC refers to Carson City, Nevada where the coin was minted.

Retail is $15-17 in average condition.

$15.00 to $30.00 in circulated condition

The 1883 Morgan dollar is common with retail values for circulated coins at $18.00-$30.00 and uncirculated coins at $40.00-$60.00

From your description, you may have an G.S.A. cased 1883-CC coin. Current market value is $190.00-$255.00 for average (MS-60/MS-63) Mint State coins. The 1883-CC issue is one of the more common G.S.A. coins.

the 1883 silver dollor is worth $24.95.

Depending on condition, the 1883 silver dollar coin issued by the Kingdom of Hawaii is worth in the range of $30 - $200.

Assuming you mean a Morgan silver dollar and not a gold one dollar coin, if the coin is circulated and has no mintmarks, retail value is $26.00-$32.00 depending on how much wear the coin has. The 1883 Morgan is a common date.

A circulated coin has a value of between 32.00-39.00 dollars today.

On the reverse above the D in Dollar.

1883 is not a rare date for Morgan dollars, typical Mint State coins have retail value of $50.00-$80.00 from MS-60 to MS-63

1883 Morgan dollars are very common, uncirculated coins with no mintmark sell for $50.00-$65.00. The actual value depends on the grade of the coin.

With a date of 1883 the coin is not a silver eagle it's a Morgan dollar and is very common in mint state condition. Retail values are $28.00-$50.00 depending on grade.

It depends on the condition of the coin. A poorly conditioned coin is about $275. A perfectly conditioned coin is about $25,000.

A certified MS-65 example of this Morgan on average sells for $475.00.

Carson City Morgans can go for $500 and up, which is much more than their silver value. But worn coins (graded good to very good) can sell for as little as $100. The real answer to the question, of course, is this coin, just like any other coin, is worth exactly as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it on any given day.

The Carson City Mint did not strike proof coins. Unfortunately many privet mints have made and sold replicas of these coins that have no collectible value at all. But you may have what are called GSA cased Morgans from the Carson City Mint that are uncirculated, not proof coins and they do have good value. Please have a collector or dealer look at the coins for a accurate evaluation.

Retail values for circulated coins are $17.00-$26.00 depending on the grade.

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