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Your coin is called a Morgan dollar. "American Eagle" coins are modern bullion pieces made since 1986 for collectors and investors; Morgan, Peace, and other standard-issue silver dollars were made for use in ordinary commerce. They were discontinued in 1935.

Please see the question "What is the value of an 1880 US silver dollar?" for more information.

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A 2003 American Eagle Bullion Dollar in MS65 condition is: $24.00.

Current value is about $29.00 dollars.

It is called an American Eagle Silver Dollar and is worth about $1-$3 above the silver spot price.

As of today the value is about $17.00 it's a bullion coin and the value is just for the silver. FYI it's called a Silver Eagle or American Silver Eagle coin

A 1992 American Eagle Bullion Silver Dollar in MS65 condition is worth: $24.00.

A "colorized" silver eagle has no numismatic collectible value, but it's still one ounce of silver that's worth about $30.00.

The value of a Silver American Eagle varies depending on multiple factors, including year, mintage and condition. Check out the Silver American Eagle page at for more about the coin itself and to gauge pricing. APMEX - The Gold Standard in Precious Metal Trading

The value of these bullion pieces is normally based on one ounce of silver, which currently has a spot price of around $14.

This is a American Silver Eagle bullion coin. The fact it has been colorized destroys the numismatic collectible value of the coin. The piece still has a value of about $30.00 for the silver it contains.

what is the value of a 2009 silver eagle dolar

1922 silver dollar with closed eagle wings

A 2004 American Silver Eagle in Uncirculated condition is worth about $17. Proof is worth about $40.

You are probably asking about American Eagle silver dollars. These are worth about the spot price of silver. Currently they are worth about $32.

The American Silver Eagle is a coin worth one dollar. It is an official bullion coin, meaning it is stored for its value and not traded in regular commerce. The coin is 99.9% silver, with an image of Walking Liberty on one face and the titular eagle on the other.

If your asking about a American Silver Eagle $1 bullion coin the current value is about $30.00.

Colorized bullion coins have no numismatic collectible value. Unless you find someone that wants it, the value is only for the silver, about $23.00 as of today.

If your referring to a 1989 American Silver Eagle coin, the value is based on the price of silver at time of sale. It should be about $15.00

The first Silver Eagle was struck in 1986 not 1980. If the coin is about the size of a quarter and dated 1980 it's a Susan B. Anthony dollar, has no silver and is face value.

The last Morgan was struck in 1921. A dollar coin dated 1992 is an "American Silver Eagle" bullion coin, it's value is tied to the spot price of silver at the time of sale.

Its value is based on the ounce of silver it contains, plus a small premium. As of 6/2012 you could get about $30 for it. Current silver prices can be seen at

The value of an uncirculated 1999 Silver American Eagle Littleton coin fluctuates based on the market for silver. However, a coin can be expected to have a value of about $40.

American Silver Eagles were fist made in 1986, by the date (1943) you have a Liberty Walking Half dollar with a average value of $10.00

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