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What is the value of an Australian One Shilling stamp?


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Australian One Shilling stamps were issued from 1913 to 1965. Can you narrow down the possibilities with a description of the stamp?

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There were no Australian 10 Shilling notes printed in 1966. 1966 is the year they were withdrawn after being replaced by the One Dollar note.

The only Australian stamp featuring a duck in the design is one of a set of six 1996 stamps depicting Australian Pets. The approximate value of a 45 cent MUH "Duck with ducklings" stamp is about $1.50 AUD.

The face value of One Shilling is, One Shilling. There were 12 Pennies in a Shilling. At the conversion to decimal currency in Australia on the 14th of February, 1966, a Shilling converted to Ten cents. If you are asking this question because you have a pile of old shillings you want to know the value of then I suggest you be aware that that a coin can have 3 types of value. Face Value - in this case 10c Intrinsic value - in this case $3 to $4 dollars Collector value - in this case $2 to $40,000+ I suggest you read this article on Valuing an Australian Shilling (see url below) and seek some further advice if unsure Whatever you do don't take them to the bank and cash them in!

The value of NZ coins varies widely, and you will find a book listing these at most coin and stamp dealers.

The "face value" of anything is whatever is inscribed on it. The face value of a Shilling is One Shilling (or 12 Pence if you prefer).

One Shilling GBP in 1843 had the purchasing power of about £3.74 GBP today.

No, and if it was, you would get only One Dollar for it.An Australian Ten Shilling note, even in poor condition. might get at least Five Dollars.

The Royal Mint produced no One Shilling coins in 1847.

A yellow One Shilling and Threepence stamp could have originated in almost any of the 50 plus British Empire/Commonwealth countries. British stamps do not have the country name on them, all others do. You need to specify the country of origin, the design on the stamp, its condition, and the date if possible. An rough indication of the date might got from the post mark if it is legible. If the post mark is illegible or makes the detail of the stamp difficult to see, the stamp is probably worth nothing.

Jersey did not issue a Shilling coin. Please check your coin, it may be a bronze "One Twelfth of a Shilling" or a "One Twenty-fourth of a Shilling" coin.

Australian One Penny stamps were issued in almost every year from 1913 to 1965. You would need to describe the stamp concerned and whether it is Mint UnHinged (MUH), Mint Hinged (MH), or used and the condition and how heavily postmarked it might be.

The value of India one Ann A stamp is approximately 50 cents.

The value of India one Ann A stamp is around $30 on eBay.

One Shilling GBP in 1660 had the purchasing power of about £5 GBP today.

The Royal Mint produced no One Shilling coins from 1788 to 1815 inclusive.

Depends on the date and condition.

Good question, nobody has ever seen one.The last Australian Shilling was minted in 1963.The last British Shilling was minted in 1966.The last New Zealand Shilling was minted in 1965.

There was no States of Jersey 1930 One Twelfth of a Shilling coin minted.

Please ask one question at a time. The answers to your questions already exist in WA. Use the format - "What is the value of a 1946 British Shilling?"

One could find collectible Australian stamps in the UK on eBay and at stamp collector's fairs. Fairs can be found across the UK on the diaries of Stamp Diary and Stamp Show websites.

Such a coin does not exist. The first British One Shilling coins were introduced into the currency around 1550.

The H stamp was the one with the Hat on it. It has a face value of 33 cents.

what is the value of a George Wahington one and one half cent stamp

Depends on the country, what 1c stamp it is and the condition of the stamp.

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