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That depends on which "Enfield" gun it is. The Enfield name applies to several rifles from blackpowder muskets to multiple variations of bolt actions made in several countries as well as a revolver. Values differ based on type of gun and condition.

This question is not answerable without a lot more information.

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Q: What is the value of an Enfield gun?
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Value of an 1862 enfield percussion musket in fair condition?

I was searching for the value of an 1810 enfield percussion musket, the only information I have found was for an 1853 enfield musket valued at $700 (today).

What is the value of a 1876 Enfield rifle?


What is the value of a 1873 enfield rifle?

Value of any gun is based on exact make, model, condition, and originality. However, we cannot even make a good guess without more info. Sorry-

Is there such gun as an enfield?

"Enfield" refers to the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, United Kingdom, and the name "Enfield" is applied to small arms manufactured or designed by the Royal Small Arms Factory (even if they didn't come specifically from the Enfield factory). There are several models of pistols and rifles which bear the name "Enfield", the most famous of which is the Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle.

What is the best gun to use in black ops nuketown?

the enfield and aug

Value of enfield 308?

50-500 USD

What is the value of a enfield 30-30 enfield rifle 1917 P5728?

100-1000 USD depending on specifics

What is the value of enfield rifel?

If your talking about a 303 Enfield rifel, In poor condition I've seem them go for 150.00 and up to about 400.00.

What is value of enfield America mp45?

50-150 usd

What is the best gun from World War 2?

the best gun from WWII had to be either the trench gun(a shotgun) or the springfield. no questions asked. The most reliable are the lee enfield and the 7$ gun(stengun)

What is the value of an enfield pistol serial number 2311?

We can no more give you the value of a gun using the serial number than we could give you the value of a car using only the license plate number. The value of ANY firearm is based on the exact make, model and CONDITION. You gave us the make. BTW, serial numbers are NOT unique to only 1 firearm in the world. Your best bet will be to visit a gun shop or gun show, and get a "hands-on" review of your firearm.

What is the value of a 1961 Enfield rifle?

75-250 USD or so

Value of lee enfield smle 303?

75-200 USD

What is the price of a 1911 enfield 30-06 rifle?

BLue book of gun values

What is the value of enfield No1 MK VI rifle?

i just picked one up for 150 at a local gun show:I doubt that. The No 1 Mk VI is a very rare variant of the Lee-Enfield rifle. Only a thousand of them were ever made. A No 1 Mk VI Enfield in original condition is worth thousands of dollars. If you got one of those for $150, you got a deal of a lifetime. More likely, you bought a common Enfield No 1 Mk III or No 4 Mk I.

What was the Standard issue World War 2 gun for british troops?

303 lee enfield rifle

What weapon was used by the british at the somme?

Lee Enfield-rifle, Trench Club, Bayonet, Mills Bomb-grenade, Webley-revolver, Vickers Machine Gun, Lewis Gun-machine gun.

Value of gun?

The Value of a gun is determined by it's age, make, condition of the gun and how desirable it is.

What weapons did the british use in ww1?

Lee Enfield, bolt action rifleWebley, revolverVickers machine gun, medium machine gunLewis gun, light machine gunMills bomb, hand grenade

What time does the St. Patrick's Day parade start in Enfield?

The following places are all called "Enfield" and most of them have parades for St. Patrick's Day, starting at many different times:AustraliaEnfield, New South WalesEnfield, South AustraliaEnfield, VictoriaCanadaEnfield, Nova ScotiaEnglandEnfield ChaseEnfield HighwayEnfield LockEnfield TownEnfield East (UK Parliament constituency)Enfield West (UK Parliament constituency)Enfield North (UK Parliament constituency)Enfield Southgate (UK Parliament constituency)Enfield (UK Parliament constituency), the former parliamentary seat, since redrawnMunicipal Borough of Enfield, the former borough, since enlargedEnfield, Worcestershire, a district of RedditchIrelandEnfield, County MeathUnited StatesEnfield, ConnecticutEnfield, IllinoisEnfield, MaineEnfield, New HampshireEnfield, New YorkEnfield, North Carolina

What type of gun was a lee enfield?

Bolt action military rifle, most commonly in caliber .303 British.

What is the approximate value of a British Enfield 303 1917 ser J8328?


What is the Value of 1870 long barrel enfield rifle?

100 on up depending on specifics

What gun did a world war soldier have?

ww1 Britain standard issue was a Lee Enfield and German was a Gewehr 98 WW2 Britain standard issue was a new version of the Lee Enfield and German was a Karabiner 98K

What county is Enfield in?

It depends on which Enfield you are looking for:Enfield, New Hampshire is in Grafton County.Enfield, Connecticut is in Hartford County.Enfield, North Carolina is in Halifax County.Enfield, Illinois is in White County.