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50-100 USD or so

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Q: What is the value of an Essex 22 Caliber single shot bolt action rifle?
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Essex 22 single bolt action rifle What is it worth?

5-75 or so

What is the value of a 22 caliber Essex rifle?

50-100 USD

What kind of bullets does a m49 Ithaca lever action single shot 22 caliber rifle shoot?

22 Long Rifle

Where was the Essex 22 Caliber single-shot bolt action rifle manufactured?

Sold by Belknap Hardware and Mfg. Co. in Louisville, Ky. Other sites indicate that several manufacturing company made products for them.

How much is a 50 caliber rifle?

For a .50 BMG rifle, $3000 and up, with $3000 being just for a basic, bolt action single shot model.

Is a 223 caliber a long or short action rifle?

Short action.

How do you load and fire a win chester model 67 22 caliber rifle?

Sign up for a hunter safety course. This should be a single-shot bolt action rifle, about the simplest firearm action there is.

Is a 6mm bolt action rifle a short action or a long action?

It depends on the particular model of the rifle, not the caliber it is in. What model and make is it?

Is 223 caliber Winchester Model 70 a Long or Short Action rifle?

The 223 is considered a Short Action rifle.

What is value of 22 caliber Sears and Roebuck Model 340530430 lever action rifle?

Wat is the value of 22 caliber sears and roebuck model 340530430 lever action rifle

What is the value of a westen field 22 caliber 14m-390b mossberg bolt action single shot rifle?


What is the value of a JC Higgins Bold Action Single shot 22 caliber rifle model 204?

$50-$100, depending on condition.

How much is a Essex 22 bolt action rifle worth?

50-100 USD

What is a sears roebuck J C Higgins 22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle model 103.19770 worth?


Where can you find parts for a sears 22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle model?

Repost with the model number, and we may be able to give you an answer.

Is the Remington 742 woodsmaster a short action or long action rifle?

It depends on what caliber it is chambered in.

What is the value of a 22 caliber single shot rifle It's a Crack shot 28 lever action long rifle made by J Stevens arms and tool co?

sears sold this rifle in the 70s sears sold this rifle in the 70s

How do you clean a single shot 22 caliber rifle?

With soap and water.

What is value of a J Stevens Arms company 22-caliber single shot lever action rifle model Z747?

35-125 USD

Where can you get the firing pin repaired or replaced in a Cotter and Co West Point Model 40 22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle?


What is the value of a JC Higgins Bolt Action Single shot 22 caliber rifle model 103.18 22 cal?

$50-$100, depending on condition.

How can you tell what year a 22 caliber Model 67A bolt action rifle was made?

We need the make of rifle.

What guns did billy the kid use?

An 1873 Winchester Carbine, it was shorter and lighter than the rifle, and carried a dozen .44-.40-caliber, center-fired cartridges (the rifle carried 15) and a single-action Colt .45-caliber Peacemaker as well as the double-action Colt .41-caliber Thunderer (the Kid's preferred the latter). His favorite firearm was the 1873 Winchester Carbine.

What is the caliber of a Henry 30-30 lever action rifle?


What is the value of Stevens 25 caliber lever action rifle?

The value of the Stevens .25 caliber lever action rifle varies quite a bit with its condition. This gun sells for about 300 dollars in good to excellent condition.