What is the value of an Indian head nickel?

Indian Head or sometimes called Buffalo nickels were minted from 1913 until 1938. The value of an Indian Head nickel will be based on the year of minting, where it was minted and the condition of the nickel. Prices can range anywhere from 15 cents for one that is badly worn and will be used to decorate a cowboy belt to several thousand dollars for a few scarce dates in top condition.

If you know the date of your coin, you can look for questions worded in the form "What is the value of a <date> US nickel?" for specific values.

However if the coin's date is worn off, a common problem with buffalo nickels, it's only worth a dime or so as a so-called "cull" or "grab bag" coin.

Answers to common questions:

  • All Indian head nickels are made of cupronickel. None were ever struck in silver.
  • The "F" on the front of the coin is the designer's initial, not a mint mark.
  • The image on the front of the coin is a composite of 3 different Native American portraits.
  • There's no coin called a "nickle". That's a small European bird (!! you can look it up ...) The coin is a nickel.
  • Nor is there a coin called a "buffalo head" nickel. After all, it shows the entire animal!
Value depends on date, mintmark and condition. Post new question.