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The best way to determine actual value is to search theon-line auctions, such and or even enter your details in the search and see what has SOLD and for how much. if there is nothing current try the archives of past sales or items sold. Another place to look is The blue book of modern black powder values available from Don't forget condition has allot to do with value, so compare apples to apples and in this case the caliber and if the frame is brass or steel.

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Q: What is the value of an Italy Armi Sport 44 caliber black powder?
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What is the value 44 caliber navy colt pistol black powder made in Italy?

200 USD

What is the value of a bl ack powder 44 caliber made in Italy with the serial number R374052?

such black powder revolvers are anywhere from $150 - $250, depending on condition

What is the value of a Italy 44 caliber black powder pistol from Navy Arms Co?

depending on overall condition $150 - $200

How much black powder per shot for a 45 caliber?

1gran per caliber

How much powder do you put in a traditional black powder pistol?

Depends on the caliber. A .45 caliber pistol uses about 40 grains of black powder. Contact the maker's website and download the owner's manual for YOUR gun.

What does 30 30 caliber mean?

30 caliber bullet and 30 grains of black powder

What caliber was the 1873 Winchester rifle?

was a 38-40 black powder

How much is a Connecticut Valley Arms 32 caliber black powder revolver worth?

a32 caliber black power connecticut a thousand dollar

How much black powder do you use in a 50 caliber rifle?

Typically 50 to 75 grains of ffG powder.

Cal31 black powder only made in Italy?


What is it worth kentuckian black powder rifle made in Italy by armi sport 45cal percussion muzzel loader serial number 50024?

$650 at Auction

What value does a Made in Italy for Charles Daly .50 caliber black powder flint lock with the serial 118 216 have?

Assuming excellent or unfired condition, $400 to 500.

How far will a 50 caliber caliber travel?

You will have to specify if you are referring to black powder, rim fire or center fire and the weight of the projectile

Does any company make 58 caliber black powder pellets?

don't believe any such item as 58 cal. black powder pellets. but, there is a 58 cal. slug for the 58 cal. black powder rifle

Where are Lyman black powder rifles made?

Investarms of Italy

Where are Lyman black powder revolvers made?

IIRC, Italy

How much black powder to use in your cannon?

It depends on the type of powder, the age and caliber of the cannon, the condition of the cannon, the projectile, etc.

What is the value of an 1853 Harpers Ferry Black Powder 54 caliber rifle?


What is a black powder firearm?

There are generally 2 types of BP firearm, 1 muzzleloaders, loaded with powder cloth patch and lead ball or mini ball (also powder and a sabot and bullet in the more modern guns. 2 Black powder cartridge guns, that fire a more conventional looking self contained cartridge loaded with black powder and a bullet. such as the 45-70 or the 30-30 ( first number is the caliber second number is the grains of black powder in the cartridge. 45 caliber with 70 grains of powder) I am greatly generalizing

What are black powder gun law in pa?

as for buying it, you do not need license or background check to buy them since their black powder. i own 3 black powder gun and i live in pennsylvania i never had any problems buying them off the internet or in store.

What is the max amount of black powder you can use in a American knight 50 caliber muzzle loader?

Most .50 Caliber rifles ,[ in good condition] can handle 100 grains of black powder. Some new in-line models can handle up to 150 grains.

What is the value of a Jukar Spain 45 caliber black powder pistol worth serial 12161?


What is the maximum range of a 50 caliber rifle?

You will have to tell us if you are talking about black powder or center fire.

What is the value of an Anton Zoli 58 caliber black powder rifle?

50-300 USD or so

How old is your 54 caliber Connecticut valley arms black powder rifle?

No published sn data.