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Q: What is the value of an Ithaca 16G M37 SN 25013?
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Older Ithaca m37 12 gauge and want to know the age?

The age of an Ithaca can easily be determined from the serial number. What is it?

What is the value of an Ithaca Model M37 16 gauge pump?

The Blue Book says $200 - $220 for a 16 gauge with 80-90% original finish.

What is the age and value of Ithaca 12 gauge model 37 ser number 217365?

The M37 was mge in 1949. Value depends on the condition and gauge, as a 20 would be worth more than a 12.

Where can you find parts for an Ithaca M37 in Canada? , k.& e. gunparts , saskatoon,sask. pbl

What year was your Ithaca deerslayer serial number 371719500 made?

1980 serial number 371671001 - 371690000 now thats year for the M37 all models including deerslayer. You can do some research and find out exact model and value

What is approximate age of Ithaca M37 16 ga with serial number 241266?

There's a list of serial numbers by year at

Wiring diagram for m37 truck?

What car manufacturer makes the M37?

The M37 is manufactured by Infiniti. The M37 is a four-door, mid-sized, luxury sedan. The base price for a new one (2013 model) starts around $48,000.

Is it possible to find the original configuration of an Ithaca M37 from the serial number?

You should be able to find out what year it was made. There were certain "blocks" of serial numbers reserved for certain models - i.e., 37S, 37T, 37R - up until 1953

What is the distance between Bristol and yoevil somerset?

42 miles taking M37.

Is it possible to switch the safety on an Ithaca model 37 to be easier for left handed shooter to use?

While it is possible to change the safety configuration on the M37 to make it easier to use for the left-handed, it is not a matter of simply reversing the existing safety. The right-hand safety must be removed from the trigger group and replaced with a left-hand safety, which is available from the Ithaca factory. The cost for the left-hand safety in December 2007 was $12.50 (US$).

Does the 2011 Infiniti M37 auto have automatic running lights?

No for US model and yes for Canadian model.

What is the most expensive paintball gun?

It is the Breda M37 8mm Machine Gun replica by Real Action Paintball - $4,999

Value of Ithaca model 37 feather light?

I have recently seen one at a gun show for 225.00 new.AnswerI got my Ithaca (12ga.) for about 220 dollars at a used gun shop. i believe they stopped producing them about 30 years ago but i may be wrong i need to do some more research. JustinIthaca started producing them in 1937 in 12 GA 2 3/4 only and in later years they added 20 and 16 gauges. The model designation changed to Model 87 after the company was sold in the 80's and new management started production. Later on they started producing it again as the M37. Ithaca's web site has a research area with information on what year a serial numbered weapon was produced. The Featherlight with deep relief engraving I was researching was produced in 1959. They produced everything from field grade, military trench shotguns to high grades, which can be seen selling for as high as 20K.Rick

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Ithaca Model 37 Featherlite shotgun serial 371384295?

I purchased the field maintenance instructions for Model 37 and 87 pump action shotguns on Ebay. It is a complete guide to disassenbling and reassembling these model guns. It was inexpensive and very clear and detailed. You need a book by Walt Snyder that covers the M37 in GREAT detail including serial numbers. Google his name with "37" or go to

What is a source for oil filter AC P-115 This is a cartridge not spin-on for a 1952 Dodge M37 34-ton 4x4?

NAPA 1006

What are the models in the Infiniti M series?

The M30 was the original in the series. This has been followed by the M45, M35 and M35x, the M37, and the flagship model, the M56. This is a high performance vehicle.

How do you wire a signal stat 900?

The wiring diagram can be found on this website as a pdf file. It shows several signal-stat devices including the 900.Link is:

Where can you buy flexi-rods for your hair?

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What is the muzzle type most often used on the M-37 Winchester .22 L.R. target rifle is a?

Please check your information and repost. The Winchester M37 is a 12 g pump shotgun.

What are all the unlockable guns for Resident Evil 5?

M93R --- Handgun that is kind of like the Matilda from RE4 (Fully Upgrade M92F to unlock) Gattling Gun ---- Mini Gun only usable by only Chris (Fully Upgrade VZ61 to unlock) Longbow ---- A longbow which is very strong but hard to aim usable by only Sheva (Fully Upgrade S75 to unlock) Hydra ---- Which is a 3 barrel shotgun (Fully Upgrade Ithaca M37 to unlock) S&W M500 Magnum ---- Which is basically the Handcannon from RE4. (Fully Upgrade S&W M29 Magnum to unlock)

What scope mount fits an Ithaca model 37 deerslayer?

lecky56Tournament GradeJoined: 26 Jun 2005Posts: 205Location: Ithaca, NYPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 6:41 am Post subject: re: Deerslayer scope mount ? ---- Those notches were developed back when the rear sight base went to a pot metal. Originally they were machined steel with dovetail cuts. They were originally designed that way to accomidate a Leupold long eye relief scope, and Redfield rings. Redfield had these rings made specially for Ithaca Gun Co., Inc. which Ithaca sold as parts items, or sold new on the gun. Today this type of mount is kind of out of date with all the scopes available today for shotguns. Thanx!Les If your question is what scope mount fits the M87 and M37 Deerslayer IIs & IIIs (1987-present), the answer is all scope monts designed to fit the Remington 760s (not 7600). These models with their barrels fixed to the recveivers are all drilled and tapped on the top of the action with this hole configuration. A gunsmith can open up the holes and retap them to fit the larger Rem 7600 mount screws for more mounting options, but since there are four screws, this is not needed for strength. The hole placement is the same on the Rem 760 and Rem 7600, but the screws are a different size. Exactly why Ithaca would not have gone with the more modern, larger screw size is a question that will never be answered, as the "company" has declared bankruptcy twice, moved locatiuons twice and changed owners 3 times since then. A-Square makes a great weaver style aircraft alum. mount for Rem 760 with multiple mounting slots for the most options in scope placement on an Ithaca. Lee Duer

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What is the value of a 2002 Ithaca M37 synthetic stock rifled barrel in good condition?

This is the canned answer to the general question "how much is my gun worth". There is no way that this can be determined via a description of the firearm because condition of the item is critical to its value. In addition, whether the gun is considered to be modern or antique will significantly affect not only its value but its saleability in some jurisdictions. The steps necessary to assess a firearm are to first Clearly identify the manufacturer and model of the firearm along with serial number and significant features. Many people choose to not report the full serial number but instead disguise the least significant digits i.e. 1234XX. Features such as finish, barrel length, custom engraving or carving, and stock material may be significant. It may be useful to consult some of the books on gun values such as "The Official Gun Digest Book if Guns & Prices", the "Official Price Guide to Antique and Modern Firearms", the "Standard Catalog of Firearms", or "Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms". All of these resources can provide information for identifying the firearm. The grading systems used to assign values are usually similar between the books although there can be differences. Once the firearm has been identified and condition determined, the "fair market value" can be assessed by consulting the internet market. and can both provide input as to a gun's present market value. If gun shops and/or gun shows are available in your area, taking your gun in for professional inspection can be informative. Look for businesses or individuals who specialize or deal in that type of gun (take a Luger to a Luger collector rather than a shotgun collector). Remember that these people are in the business and will be looking for a "good deal" if one presents itself. Guns, like everything else, usually aren't worth as much as we would like but they can have appreciable value. Good luck. Bock442

What was the 632

632 Tank Destroyer Battalion I would think: Probably using the A10 tank destroyer, a self propelled gun which the British called Achilles. 632 t/d was attached to the 24th infantry division during ww2, did a lot of fighting on Leyte island. would have been equipped with m10 or m37 s/p guns