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Mossberg bolt-action shotguns rarely sell for more than $140.

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What is the age of a mossberg model 190 KB?

1957-1958 from what i can find im about to give mine an overhaul its in bad shape.

Who made the WardsWestern Field M842B 22 rifle in 1971?

Mossberg model 346 KB

How old is a mossberg 395 KB?


How much is a Mossberg 20 gauge C-Lect-Choke Model 385-KB bolt action with a wooden stock worth?

around 180-220

What KB value represents the strongest base?

Kb=1.62 * 10-12

How old is a mercury outboard motor model number KB-1A?

Mercury model KB-!A motors where made in 1941. This model was known as the Deluxe comet.

What is the KB value for NAOH?

Kb = 55 It is a very strong base therefore it completely dissociates.

On a mossberg 395 kb what choke should you use for turkey hunting?

We would use a modified or full choke, and #4 shot.

What is the KB value for acetic acid?

The KB value is listed below: pKa + pKb - 14 pKa = -log10 (Ka), Ka of acetic acid = 1.8*10^-5 pKa = 4.74, pkb = 9.255 9.255 = -log10(Kb), Kb = 5.56*10^-10

What is pH value of 0.1M NH3?

It is a weak base.So pH depends on Kb value.

How much is a mossberg 12 gauge model 395 KB shotgun with c lect choke in great shape?

I will buy one (395K 12 guage) top price as i have one from my father that is broken, even parts would be great, especially stock.

How many MB are in 19.8 KB?

There are 0.0198 Mb in 19.8 KB, But if you calculate it with the more accurate 1024 value => 0,019335 Mb

What is the age and value of a 22 caliber New Haven Model 250 KB semi-automatic rifle?

No published sn vale; 15-125 USD or so

What is the literature value of KB for H2O?

0.512 degrees Celsius/mol :)

How do you change the time on Bijou Terner sports watch model R0615H?


How many 0.602539062 KB in MB?

The answer is 0 MB, as weird as this may sound with all the figures currently there, you need 1000 KB to make a MB, your current value is just a little under 1 KB.

Which geometric shape is the best model for these cells?

Flat round disk Apex(: KB

What does KB and Kb mean?

KB = kilobytes Kb = kilobits

How do the constants Ka and Kb relate to the relative strengths of a series of acids or bases?

The constants Ka and Kb relate to the relative strengths of series of acids or bases by being proportional. The higher the Ka or Kb value, the stronger the acid or base.

What is larger 1.41 KB or 181 KB?

181 kb is bigger than 1.41 kb.

Which is more 1.5 KB or 100 KB?

100 KB.... As 1.5 KB is 1.5 out of 100

What kind of solution would have a Kb value that is much greater then 1?

A strongly basic solution

Is 1.41 KB larger than 181 KB?

1.41 KB is smaller than 181 KB.

What nicknames does KB Holland go by?

KB Holland goes by KB.

Which is more MB or KB?

MB is more than KB 1000 KB = 1 MB.