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What is the value of an O.J. Simpson Heisman Trophy?

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It was reportedly appraised in 1997 for $400,000.

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Q: What is the value of an O.J. Simpson Heisman Trophy?
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When did OJ Simpson win the Heisman Trophy?

OJ won the Heisman in 1968.

Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1968?

OJ Simpson

Who was OJ Simpson playing for when he won the Heisman Trophy?

OJ Simpson was playing for USC (University of Southern California) when he won the Heisman.

What award did OJ Simpson win in 1968?

The Heisman Trophy

What major achievement was made to OJ Simpson?

Heisman Trophy

Which Buffalo Bills running back won a Heisman Trophy?

OJ Simpson

Do OJ Simpson still has his Heisman Trophy?

OJ Simpson's Heisman trophy and some other belongings were auctioned off in February 1999. The money from this auction (approximately 500,000) was given to the Goldman family.

Does OJ Simpson get a vote for the Heisman Trophy while in prison?

no... Aj green gets his vote

What player transferred and won the Heisman?

OJ Simpson

What award did OJ Simpson win in 1968 in football?

In 1968, while playing for the University of Southern California Simpson earned the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award.

What football collectable is in most demand?

An OJ Simpson Heisman

What is the current location of OJ Simpson Heisman Trophy?

According to the AP, Simpson's Heisman Trophy was auctioned off at a court ordered auction to pay off the awards of the civil suit won by the Goldman Family against Simpson. The person that won the bid was a gentleman named Tom Kreissman, a sheet metal dealer in Philadelphia. His bid was $255,000.

What is the value of an OJ Simpson jersey?


What is the largest margin for a Heisman winner?

1750 points, OJ Simpson over Leroy Keys in 1968

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How much is an OJ Simpson 1973 All Pro card worth?

I have a 1973 OJ Simpson record breaking card. Just trying to find IF it has any value left?

Did OJ Simpson receive a college degree?

OJ Simpson attended USC.

Who received a key to City of Detroit in 1980?

OJ Simpson

What jail is OJ Simpson in?

OJ Simpson is currently in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

Who was the prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial?

Marsha Clark was the prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial.

OJ simpsons children?

OJ Simpson has five children. Their names are Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, Aaren Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson, and Justin Ryan Simpson.

What is the value of an autographed OJ Simpson rookie card?

worth bout 750 bucks

What is value of OJ Simpson original junior all American certificate?

bout a thousand

What is the value of 1971 OJ Simpson football card?

Who knows but he probably owes you money....

What is the value of a 1977 Topps OJ Simpson card 400?

how much is this card worth