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it sounds like you have a DA revolver with a hand ejector that is the cylinder rolls out to the left. The value is round 400.00. The barrel I assume is 6 inches.


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I am looking for the value of a Smith and Wesson 38 revolver, dated 1889, bone handle with heart shape on bottom of barrel

In order to bet a value for your Smith and Wesson handgun,I will need to know if your Smith and Wesson is a break open(top break)revolver,or a regular revolver,with a swing out cylinder.If you have a break open model then you have a either a 32 double action made from 1883-1909,or a 32 safety hammerless made from 1902-1909.If you have a regular swing out cylinder revolver it is a 32 Hand Ejector 5th change that was made from 1910-1917.Please identify which model and then we can establish a value for your Smith and Wesson.

Saw one at an auction. It was listed as a Thames .32 caliber revolver.

Yes,a model 27 N frame revolver can handle +p ammo.I would advise you though that steady use of +p ammo will hasten the revolver becoming loose over time.Much quicker than if you used standard .357 Magnum loads.

Your smith and Wesson model 15-3 was made from 1967-1976.That said your revolver is valued between 85 dollars for a gun in poor condition up to 400 for a fine example in excellent condition.

.38 Special Military & Police 'Victory' Model, 1942-1945. Value depends on originality, markings and condition. $100-$400.

The word tang means the metal prong holding a weapon to the handle.

Yes. But the handle might get in the way a bit

what year was this 5 shot 12432-328wotg pearl handle 32

The value of a Smith and Wesson 1897 serial 539443 pearl handle nickel plated gun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 1200.00 and 1400.00 as of 2014.

With a stainless steel wrench, 3 pints of lighter fluid, and a Honda Insight.

S&W never made a model with that model number.

No way to answer without detailed information on all markings and features.

It will probably cool a little faster with the metal spoon in it if the handle sticks up far enough above the surface of the liquid. Stainless steel is a pretty good conductor of heat and thus will conduct heat from the liquid into the handle effectively. The handle will then provide extra surface area for the dissipation of heat from the liquid the spoon is in. The dissipation will be primarily by convection although stainless steel is reasonably good for radiative heat transfer - it just won't be as significant as the convective heat transfer.

Look for a handle that does not let heat travel in to. Most stainless steel pans will give you great results. Be sure to wash them after every use.

If you can ID the Model we might be able to tell you something about it. I have a .32 cal Smith & Wesson Revolver - 6 shot with the serial number 41374 stamped on the bottom of the handle. It was found, of all places, in a storage unit I used to rent. It seems pretty old...very nice patina. I know nothing of the history for it though. the owners of the storage facility couldn't tell me anything. So it sits in my collection.

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