What is the value of an authentic World War 2 German lugar pistol?

WWII German lugars value vary from about $800-$1200 for battlefield pick-ups, these are usually in the poorest shape. If the "take-home papers" are with it stating what battle or area it was recovered the value goes up! Artiliary lugars in 9mm with a 10" barrel and all of the other accessories ( detachable shoulder stock and 40 round drum magazine) sell for $5500 and up! I collect these hand guns and have several. Also note that after WWI a lot of Lugars were converted to .30 cal due to the treaty of Versallies, these can usually be found for $800 or less. Condition plays the largest role, or if the lugar can be varified as belonging to a famous general or person. Be careful when working the action on these babies, due to their age and condition Misfires are common.... Safety first when any gun or weapon is handeled!