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What is the value of an autographed Bobby Hull picture?


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I kick you...suresh


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bobby hulls plate cost 34.565$

The value for a rookie Brett Hull card can range from 150 to 300 U.S. dollars. An okay conditioned autographed rookie Brett Hull card can be around 125 dollars.

Bobby Hull was born on January 3, 1939.

I believe Bobby Hull was clocked at 29 MPH

Bobby Hull was a great hockey player!

Bobby Hull is 78 years old (birthdate: January 3, 1939).

Both Father and Son are in the HHOF

Bobby Hull was born on January 3, 1939.

Henri Richard, Bobby Clarke, Marcell Dionne, Brett Hull, Bobby Hull, Pat LaFontaine

Because Bobby Hull is almost broke and spent all of his money on booze and cars and ex wives.

ESPN SportsCentury - 1999 Bobby Hull was released on: USA: 21 May 2002

The Tim McCarver Show - 2002 Bobby Hull was released on: USA: 14 November 2010

Bobby Ore Bobby Clarke Bobby Hull Guy Lafleur Wayne Gretzky

Bobby DiVito was born on July 14, 1972, in Hull, Massachusetts, USA.

They are worth roughly $150 per signature but both on the same stick should boost the value to around $450-$500

Your question does not make any sense...

Brett hulls father Bobby Hull toughed him to play along with his brothers. After one of Bobby's games Bobby and Brett followed by the brothers would play a game.

Bobby Hull, the Golden Jet played 16 seasons with Chicago, Hartford, and Winnipeg. He also played 7 seasons in the now defunct WHA (World Hockey Association)

It was a combination of Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull. One game Mikita got his stick stuck in the bench door and pulled it out and it was curved. Then in frustration he took a slap shot and the puck sailed off the ice about 2 feet. Then at a later practice Hull saw his shot and Mikita and Hull from then on curved their sticks on purpose to get a higher shot.

Bobby Hull who average 1.1 points per game Luc Robitaille, highest scoring left winger in NHL history, only had .97 points per game due to an elongated season and the fact that Bobby Hull played in the WHA for 8 years as a Winnipeg Jet and those goals don't count. So the correct answer is, Bobby Hull.

Bobby Hull According to Bobby Hull, Stan Makita invented it by accident when he got one of his sticks caught in the players' bench door during a practice. (See the NHLN program "A Day that Changed the Game")

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