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Q: What is the value of an immaculate B registration ford escort cabriolet?
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What is the approximate value of a Ford Escort that's been on the road for 18 years?

Ford Escort 1992 value: Between $500 and $3,500 depending on condition (2009).

What is the value of enrollment card in Pakistan pharmacy council?

This is necessary for Registration process and you should keep it with you, when you go for registration.

What is the value of a 1917 45 caliber smith and Wesson officers pistol in immaculate condition?

100-3000 depending on specifics

Why are six boats escorting a ship?

Because the ship has value, and they are literally an escort; or other reasons.

What is the value of a baby grand piano WW Kimball Company serial number 123282?

It is Black, immaculate exterior condition, Needs tuning.

What do you deduct in Nebraska the motor vehicle tax or the registration fee?

In Nebraska, one would deduct the vehicle registration fees. You will deduct the fees based on the value of the vehicle.

How much does it cost for car registration?

It varies depending on the value of the car and the fees which are charged by your jurisdiction.

Are vehicle registration fees tax deductible in kansas?

Registration fees are only deductible when based on the value of the vehicle. KS registration is a set amount bsaed on the weight so they are not deductible. Your Property Taxes (paid at the same time) are deductible.

What is the difference between stamp duty and registration fees?

Stamp Duty is the duty paid to the government on the market value of the property and the registration fee is the process fee charged by the concerned authority.

Monetary value of bell howell projector model 256?

They average $50-$100 used, with prices going as high as $200 for one in immaculate condition.

What is the price of a 2000 Ford Escort?

Trade in value is about $900. Retail from a dealer is about $2900. Retail from an indivdual is about $2000.

Value for a Beretta 92fad2 unfired in original box with manual registration card and patch?

500 usd or so

Can you sell a vehicle that has an expired registration fee?

Yes you can.. but you have to tell the person your selling it to that its expired and you also have to give them a break on value..

Suppose the value of the car is 10000 and you take the loan amount of 10000. While you want to get registration by showing the car value to be 5000. Is it possible.?

no it is not! i hi Andrew lee lommen

Cost of ford 1998 escort PVC value?

PVC Valve: Probably just a couple dollars...they're pretty cheap

What is the value of a Tiki Barber rookie card?

That would differ depending on the card. On an Immaculate or Exquisite card it may be $8 but on most others it would probably be about $1.50 at max. Sorry :(

What is the value of a 1941 Government of Fiji Ten Shilling note?

In good condition (minimal folds and creases, no tears or major stains) around USD$200 more if immaculate and less if damaged

What is the value of a s and w 22 calmilitary revolver with original holster in immaculate condition?

Can't be answered without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, finish, sights, stocks, etc..

What is the Arkansas registration fee for a corvette z06 2009?

It's usually the same as other states registration in that they do it by the value of the car. I would assume that it's around 6-7 hundred dollars. Hope that helps you out! I am sure there are members over at that are in Arkansas!

How much does a ford escort zx2 with 160000 miles sale for?

With that many miles it would be comparable to a 97 or98 zx2. Book value or what you would get for a trade in would be about $900. Average retail value would be about $1995.

What is the value of a American arms escort 380?

There were 1000 escorts made in the mid 1990s. Iwould say new in box $350, $300 in good condition.

How much is vehicle registration fees in California?

The base calculation for a registration fee in the state of California is based on a percentage of the purchase price of a vehicle for new purchases. Cars that aren't new purchases are calculated based on a fair market value. The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides calculators to determine new purchase registration fees, non-resident vehicle registration, used vehicle purchase and renewal registration. All calculations are meant to be estimates, though, because other fees might be assessed based on the particular situation.

Why did George Washington attack the french?

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What is the value of a 1998 Ford Escort?

Depends on many factors. Your location, how the car is equipped, mileage, and most important, condition of the vehicle. Go to: to find the value. or is a great way to figure it out as well. On that note, surprisingly I recently priced out a 1998 ford escort with around 125 thousand miles on it, and in excellent condition the car is worth roughly $2,800(according to

What is the Date and value of Colt 45 revolver serial 110623 Also - how do I find original registration?

Is it 45 ACP or 45 Long Colt? Single action or Double action? Barrel length? Finish? Need to know in order to answer. Depending on what you mean by "original registration", it may not exist.