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What is the value of an original 6 pound cannon ball?

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I have seen a listing on e-bay in which one had a bid of $127 that ended on Sept. 19th without meeting the reserve of $140.

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What is a Cannon ball value?

I dug a cannonball out of the ground wondering what it is worth ?

Why gauge increase with thickness decrease?

The concept of the gauge originated with pistols, and later shotguns. The gauge described the size of the barrel by the fraction of a pound of a round iron ball that just fits the barrel. For example, a 12 guage shotgun has a barrel that will just fit a round iron ball that is one twelfth of a pound. This measurement stemmed from cannon measurements, which measured the cannon by the size of the cannon ball it fired (such as a 6 pound cannon, or 20 pound cannon). There are different gauges that describe thickness, including the American Wire Gauge that measures the thickness (diameter) of electrical wire, US Steel Wire Gauge for steel wire, Sheet Metal Gauge, etc.

What is heavier between a cricket ball and a cannon ball?

A cricket ball weighs between 156 and 163 grams or about six or seven ounces. Most cannonballs weigh several pounds. Some cannon fire 20 to 30 pound balls.

What is the name of cannon ammunition?

A cannon ball.

What is the value of an original Lucille ball doll?

200 dollars

What is the size of a cannon ball?

the size of the cannon ball depends on the size of the cannon. civil war cannons had cannon balls about the size of a child's head, aprox 30cm across

When a cannon is fired will the cannon and cannon ball will have the same amount of kinetic energy?

Yes, both have the same energy, but because cannon is heavier the cannon ball gets more momentum and thus greater velocity.

How far can a cannon ball shoot out of a cannon?

up to a mile

What type of rifle has the word cannon in the name?

cannon ball

How far can a cannon ball go?

Depends how much gunpowder you put in the cannon. a normal charge and a cannon ball can go up to 500 yards

What direction will a cannon go when you fire the cannonball?

The cannon will go to the opposite direction of the cannon ball.

What kind of cannons were used by the British fleet against the Spanish Armada?

The British fleet was armed for the most part by a culverin cannons. This type of cannon had a long barrel that could fire a 17 pound cannon ball.

What would happen if someone built a cannon that weighed as the cannon ball?

The cannon would want to move backwards with the same speed as the ball wants to move forward.

When was the first cannon ball made?

The first cannon ball was made in the 3rd century BC in a place called Alexandra

How does the force of a cannon on a cannonball compare to the force of the cannonball on the cannon?

The forces are equal. Only reasons the ball goes Flying off and the cannon stays in place, is that the cannon is so much heavier than the ball.

A 3 kg cannon ball is fired from a cannon with a velocity of 90 ms what is the kinetic energy of the cannon ball?

1.2 x 10^4 J That is in Significant Figures

How is a cannon ball being shot?

the explosion of gunpowder behind it propells it out of the cannon.

What is 'cannon' in billiards?

In English Billiards, a cannon is a shot that hits both the red ball and the players cue ball in the same shot. This shot scores 2 points. The cannon does not exist in pocket billiards.

How do you do cannon ball in Mario 64?


What are the definitions of cannons and casnonballs?

a cannon is the instrument use to propel a cannonball. A cannon ball is the missile which is propelled from a cannon.................

If you dropped a cannon ball and a feather at the same time which would hit the ground first?

cannon ball-the one with the most weight

How fast does a cannon ball fire?

No one answer, since there is no one cannon ball- or cannon. If we limit this to black powder smoothbore cannon firing solid round shot, the muzzle velocity will top out at ABOUT 1000 feet per second.

To balance a lever between a 1 pound ball and a 2 pound ball where to put the fulcrum?

Position the fulcrum so that the distance from the fulcrum to the one pound ball is twice the distance from the fulcrum to the two pound ball.

What is a medieval cannon ball?

Medieval cannon balls were usually just round stones.

What are the release dates for Wabash Cannon Ball - 1946?

Wabash Cannon Ball - 1946 was released on: USA: 23 December 1946

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