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What is the value of an uncut sheet of baseball cards?

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Without knowing what year the cards were produced or what players are on the cards it is impossible to guess. There are many collectibles websites on the internet that buy and sell these sheets. You might try a Google search with 'uncut Baseball card sheet XXXX' where XXXX is the year the sheet was produced. You will probably get many hits for collectibles sites that buy and sell these sheets.

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What is the Value of uncut Topps baseball card sheets 1989-1993?

What is the value of sheet of 100 uncut baseball cards 1989

What is the value of a sheet of uncut star wars trading cards?

Whatever someone is willing to pay... Currently between $600-$1,000.

What is the value of a sheet of uncut dollar bills?


What is the value of a sheet of 4 uncut two dollar bills?


What is a 1989 upper deck uncut sheet 1 worth?

I have a complete set of uncut 1989 Upper Decks........I value it at $2000 for the 1 st sheet and $1000 for each additional sheet

What is the value of a sheet of 4 uncut ten dollar bills?

$40.00 There are too many uncut sheets out there to be worth any more than face value.

What is the value of sheet of 4 uncut twenty dollar bills?

roughly $750.00

What is the value of a sheet of uncut uncirculated two dollar bills?

Eight dollars.

What is the value of uncut sheet complete set of 1988 topps football cards?

When the economy is good, a $1000.00 easy in mint condition. Now, a set just sold for $500. I have two sets in mint condition (uncut)! I want to sale!

What is the value of Uncut sheet 2 dollar bills?

Like the value of anything, it is only worth what someone else will pay for it!

What is the value of sheet of 4 uncut one dollar bills?

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing sells these for $15.50 each.

What is the value of an uncut Fleer 1995 Flair Hardwood Leader Commemorative Basketball Sheet?

On Ebay, it goes for $14.99.

What is the value of Mort and Mindy cards?

the value is nothing there not baseball cards.

What are chances of an uncut sheet of 2 bills increasing in value and how soon?

Not high and not very. Two dollar bills are still at least theoretically in circulation, though they're not very popular; an uncut sheet is more a curiosity than anything else.

What is the value of an uncut sheet of sixteen 2 dollar bills?

$32 would be the value. You can buy bills in sheets through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing at

Value of baseball cards?

Get a copy of the latest Standard Catalog Of Baseball Cards.

What is the value of a complete set of uncut 1990 Topps football cards?

A uncut set could sell for 400 dollars in mint condition but most people will only pay half as much

What is the value of one uncut sheet of O-Pee-Chee 1978 Special Autograph Series hockey cards?

If it includes a Mike Bossy rookie I could see it selling fairly high. I've seen a few sheets sell for a couple hundred that had a lemiuex rookie in the sheet. But sorry I can't really give a price since it all depends on who wants to buy it and how much they are willing to buy it for. All you can do is add up the value of the cards on the sheet to get some sort of total.

What is the value of 1976 uncut sheet of 2 US Treasury star notes?

Most of the 16-sheet districts sell for about $170. The 'I', 'G' and 'J' districts are much higher, as there were fewer produced.

What is the value of a 110 card uncut sheet of Pokemon cards?

That depends,what condition is it,what set is it from,whos selling it,as well as how rare is it. Im the Pokemon uncut card sheet collector i own about 45 card sheets many sheets are 110 cards but because they are all from different sets such as base,jungle,fossil etc the price varies. tell me what sheet it is(provide picture link if possible) and i can give you a price quote. Im guessing it is a fossil sheet those are very common, if that's the case then its worth about $25-$50 depending on condition. if its another set let me know and ill give you a price range. Are you selling or buying.

What is the value of your 1981 baseball cards?


What is the current value of 4 mint condition uncut 1991 Michael Jordan Upper Deck AW4 hologram cards?

I've been wondering this myself. Looking through my storage I found my framed uncut sheet along with a receipt. Bought at Universal City Walk on 8/16/93 for $16.18 including the 8.25% CA sales tax LOL! I can't imagine that it would be worth less than that. I found a estimated book value on the internet for a single AW4 Jordan card for $12.00, but I it didn't say if it's Beckett value. I'm guessing uncut sheet is at least $48 but probably worth more since it's unique memorabilia.

How much are 1927 baseball cards worth?

The value of 1927 baseball cards is dependent on many factors. The value of card is determined by who is on the card, its condition, and its demand.

What is the value for Donruss baseball and puzzle cards?

i have Donruss baseball puzzle 7 cards in packages are they worth anything

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