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To the best of my knowledge there was no food rationing during the 1930's depression, at least not in the United States. The only food rationing was during World War 2 in the 1940's.

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Q: What is the value of depression food ration stamps?
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What were the wartime ration stamps for?

To ration food during wartime.

How did they ration food during world war 2?

food stamps

How many ration stamps had to be used to buy food?


Are 1940 food stamps worth anything?

The food stamp program was started in the 1960's.. no such thing as 1940 food stamps. There were ration stamps for food and gas in the forties during WW2

What is the value of 1942 ration stamps?

Although there are rare stamps, in general WWII food ration stamps in a book of stamps (with some missing) are worth $2 to $5. An absolutely new book of stamps (unsigned) might be worth $10 or more. A book of stamps signed by someone famous would, of course, be worth even more. Loose stamps (not in a book) are generally worthless - a few pennies, if that.

What could you actually buy with ration stamps?

Food, fuel etc.

What is the value of World War 2 ration books with all the unused stamps intact?

World War 2 Ration BooksThe war ration was not very high. The war ration stamps are very common and the demand for them in the collector's circle is not very high. A complete book might get $10, whereas partial books and single stamps are not going to be anywhere near as valuable. The sentimental value is of more value, as it reminds people of the struggles and their contribution to the war effort.I agree completely with the sentimental value when finding out that in 1945+, one had to use these stamps to purchase food. Families also had to do an inventory of what they had in their pantry, and they would have to actually subtract their stamps from the book, based on their inventory.Rationing ended in 1945; ration stamps obviously have no objective economic value. But they are collected by some people, so they have subjective collectible value. The best way to find the current going prices would be to search eBay auctions for stamps like yours.Fewer of the ration stamps were used in Books 2 & 3, making them less valuable. Click on the Related Link for more information.

Where would you have collected your food rations from in WW2?

As a civilian, you received a book of ration STAMPS from the War Rationing Board. When you purchased an item from a merchant that was rationed, you need money AND ration stamps for that item. This included food- which you bought from the grocer or butcher.

What was rationd in the world wars?

Food ration stamps were good for flour, sugar, milk, etc. Also gas,

What did America have to ration during the great depression?

America had to ration many different items. Mostly food was rationed, as well as fuel, water, and medicine as well.

Do people still use ration books?

Ofcource; only, for political correctness the name has changed; and they are now called "Food Stamps"

What are ration stamps?

A ration stamp is similar to that of a food stamp. A ration stamp (or card) was given to the people of a country by their government and could be exchanged for food. This was mainly used during wartimes when things like bread, sugar, and coffee are in short supply and must be evenly divided among a group of people.

How can a diabetic person eat 16.00 of food stamps?

it healthy GREAT VALUE FOOD.

What are ration stamps and why were they used during World War 2?

Because of the great amount of food that had to be alloted to U.S. servicemen in this country and overseas during World War Two (Over 16 million) -- and the food that had to be sent to our allies -- there was a shortage of many types of food here in this country. Those types of foods then had to be rationed -- there were only varying amounts available at any given time. The only way to make sure that every American citizen was able to buy their fair share of the rationed foods was by coupons. A family or a person would periodically be alloted a book of coupons (called Ration Stamps).I can't remember how often the ration stamp books were distributed -- maybe once a month When people went to the store to buy food thay would have to redeem the ration stamps for (only)those foods considered in short supply. The greater amount of the shortage type foods purchased -- the more stamps you had to turn in. You could spend all your ration stamps right away or parcel them out over a period of time. When they were gone -- they were gone. You didn't get any more until you got your next book of ration stamps. vcs

What were ration stamps... What kind of things were rationed during World War II... Why?

Ration stamps controlled the amount of food and supplies people could have so they wouldn't run out because food and supplies were also being sent to the soldiers in WWII. So rationing was just used to make sure the soldiers and civilians all had enough! :)

How did someone get their food ration from a shop?

They would be registered at certain shops - their local butcher, greengrocer, and so on. On presenting their ration books, the shopkeepers would give them the rations allowed, and remove the number of stamps required.

Were the ration stamps used for a farm different from other stamps in use or value?

If the question is regarding the UK; rationing and stamps applied to food, clothing and, basically all consumer items no matter where one purchased them from. If you lived in the countryside near farms and knowing the right person you might illegally obtain food items that were rationed. Realise also, even if you had stamps for a particular item that item might not be available and as frequently happened you just went without !

What is the importance of ration cards?

Ration cards, also known as ration stamps, are issued by a government to be used towards food or other rationed items. These are important because they are given out during a time when resources are low in a country and it ensures that people conserve valuable items.

How do I use government food stamps?

Food Stamps helps low income people buy food. They are like coupons for you to use when buying food. They only have dollar value when used to buy food.

How do I use food stamps at the store?

Each food stamp has a dollar value all you need to do is to go to your local grocery store and ask if they take food stamps then do your shopping and tell the clerk you are using food stamps then use them to pay for your groceries

What were ration stamps?

A ration stamp or ration card is a stamp or card issued by a government to allow the holder to obtain food or other commodities that are in short supply during wartime or in other emergency situations. Ration stamps were widely used during World War II by both sides after hostilities caused interruption to the normal supply of goods. They were also used after the end of the War while the economies of the belligerents gradually returned to normal.

can you by certo with food stamps?

Yes, as long as you purchase it at a retailer that accepts food stamps.

What food was used as currency in world war 2?

Food could have been used as currency in World War 2. Since most of the food went to those in the service, the government gave out food ration stamps, which acted as currency.

Is Food Stamps considered Welfare?

No. Food Stamps are not Welfare.

Does Mexico have food stamps?

no Mexico doesn't have food stamps