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Q: What is the value of hummel named child's play approx. 5 inches tall?
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What are facts about the Hopi tribe?

a baby wasnt named until 20 days after the childs birth

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The first printed checks appeared in 1762, courtesy of a British banker named Lawrence Childs.

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It was named Lola and it measured 20 feet 3 inches

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After Saint Barbara (born approx. 1438). She is the patron saint of artillerymen, military engineers, miners and workers who handle explosives.

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The island of 'Zealand' or 'Sjælland' in Danish is named after the seals that used to abound there. (Seal in Danish 'Sæl). It is the biggest of the approx. 400 Danish islands (discounting Greenland) and is the location of the capital, Copenhagen.

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Reputedly named by Henry the VIII what breed of horse is at 68 inches high at the withers also the largest?


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The Rainforest is called the Rainforest because it gets 10 to 20 inches of rain a year

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Sephiroth's Sword is named Masamune. It was named after Gorō Nyūdō Masamune who is widely recognized as Japan's greatest swordsmith. It is 68 inches long and weighs approximately 28 pounds.

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blow me

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No, Darren Criss is not bisexual. On Fox's TV show Glee, his role as Blaine Devon Anderson is engadged to Kurt Hummel, they got engadged in season five episode one. His role on Glee is for him to play a gay role, however he is not gay. He is straight, he has a girlfriend named Mia Swier who is in a band called, Guns And Hoses.

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A wrestler named "Tiny Tornado" he was 2 foot 10 inches and he now works in a department store.

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As of July 2014, the smallest man in the world is named Chandra Bahadur. He is approximately 21.5 inches in height.

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The heaviest midget was a woman named Carrie Akers who was 3 ft 3 inches tall and 309 pounds.

1inahalf yards are how many inches?

60 inchesfrom,An awesome girl named Abby

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A particularly large (and probably overweight) gorilla named Phil had a neck that was 36 inches (91.5 cm) around.