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1 Shilling

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What is the value of three real ivory Buddah statuettes from India obtained during World War 2?


What are the basic concepts behind Buddhism?

buddahism is a religion in India created by buddah buddahism is a religion in India created by buddah

What are good gift ideas to send to a relative in India?

If your relatives are native to India, then a gift that is distinctly American will be best. Clothing and iconic statuettes, like the Statue of Liberty, are all good options that will be cheap to ship overseas.

Who bought First still camera in India?

Homai Vyarawala was the first photo-journalist who bought the first still camera in India.

Where can you buy beyblade in INDIA?

you can get it anywhere in India but i suggest you look in the mall where i bought it!

Pictures of old banks in India during 1910?

India during 1910 India during 1910

Who bought dada in ipl 4?

pune warriors india bought dada in ipl4

From where does the material of Qutub Minar bought?

from india

Who bought Christianity to India?

The Apostle Thomas.

Does ps3 work in India if it is bought from America?

No, it will not.

How many sea harriers does India has?

there are nearly 30 harriers in India which India bought on 1983 and in that 5 are trainers.

Does India have drones?

India bought several drones from Israel. Now India has close relations with Israel with an interest in common enemies.

What Automaker bought Jaguar?

Tata Motors, LTD of India

Did Gandhi succeed in his fight?

he bought freedom back to India

Who bought bugatti veyron first in India?

Nisheeth verma

Who bought hummer first in India?

S M Bajaj

Does a PlayStation Portable bought in Canada work in India?

yes it does

Who just bought 4500 cell sites in India?

Essar Telecom 4500 cell phone towers in India

Is valid nepali license in India?

Yes, it is valid in India. I have bought a car in India using my Nepalese driving licence and also the cops have agreed to it .

Who from dutch?

Who from Dutch West India company bought the land of Manhattan

Can you name the roots eaten during the famine of India?

roots eaten during the famine of India?

Who was portuguese merchants settled there bought spices at low prices and shipped them back to europe?

Calicut, India

From the Dutch West India Company bought the island of Manhattan?

Peter Minuit

Can you put airtel India sim in iPhone 3Gs which is bought from Australia?

of course

Who from the Dutch West India Company bought the island of Manhattan?

Peter Minuit