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whats ur furni??????

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Q: What is the value of my Habbo furniture?
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How do you sell stuff on Habbo?

You can trade furniture to another habbo for credits or more furniture or you can sell furniture in the marketplace (accessible in the catalogue)

How do you delete furniture on habbo?

You can't delete furniture on habbo.Hope I Helped =)Biblioteca13

How To Get Free Furni On Habbo US?

Unfortunately, there is no cheat to get free furniture. But you can play habbo games and win furniture as well as going to giveaways under the trade rooms.

What is furni on Habbo?

Furniture you purchase from the catalog to place in your rooms....

Does anyone have a Habbo account with coins and furniture That I can Have?

Stupid noob

Can other people put their furniture in your room in habbo?

no they cant

How do you sell your rooms on Habbo?

You cannot sell your room on Habbo. You may only trade or sell Furniture within Habbo Hotel. Doing so outside of Habbo is a violation of Habbo's Terms and Condition and you could be banned.

What is the best Habbo website?

Habbo UK Because you can buy furniture with pixels! If your sighning up my name on it is PunkCute OK? =)

What are the voucher codes for Habbo?

To find out the voucher codes you need to buy them or win them in competitions ther can be used to get furniture of credits on habbo.

What do you need to download to be able to see furniture in Habbo Hotel?

You must have Shockwave Player installed, before you first play Habbo!

Where is super nova on Habbo?

A super nova is a very rare item of furniture.

Where to download Habbo hacks?

Well you can download Habbo Zeldah where u can get as much furni as you want any furniture and heaps of creds i dont have it but.

What is voucher code for Habbo?

As it says on Habbo foruns page : "Habbo Credits are the Hotel's currency - they are what you use to pay for extras in the Hotel, like furniture for your guest room, VIP and Habbo Club membership, pets, stickers and backgrounds for your homepage."

On habbo you want to place furniture in your sisters room now how do you do it?

u cant ur not aloud its forbidden in habbo tp save scammers etc ....

What does ''Habbo'' mean?

Habbo is a VIRTUAL Hotel online where you can meet new friends create new hotel rooms buy furniture to decorate with live your own virtual life have fun the habbo way

How do you place items in other habbos room?

Hi There! If you're talking about the normal Habbo, you must have admin rights to their group, and that enables you to place furniture in other Habbo's room. They're not able to steal your furniture, due to the fact it'll be placed in their name. Once they pick up the furniture you place, it will automatically be placed back into your hand. If you're talking about a Habbo Retro, you must have rites in the other person's room in order to place the furniture down.

Why do you see white boxes in Habbo Hotel?

Because the furniture is loading (that's if you see it in a room).

How do you sell furniture in Habbo Hotel?

make a room called shop and put stuff in then sell it

How do you put starter furni in market place on habbo?

You are unable, starter furniture is un-tradeable

Does habbo has virus?

No, it doesn't. But! There are sites which are like Habbo and say where you can get free coins and furniture. Do not believe them. These sites, called retro's, do have a virus. Be sure you are only on the site: habbo.xx (local land domain on the place of xx). That is the safe Habbo.

Who can help you make an army on Habbo?

Any friend that has furniture or is willing to make a large room with your help. Never give your furniture away, as you may not get it back.

How do you stack furniture on habbo?

You can not stack every furni, but the most easier way to do it is use the executive bar.

Can you have HC?

You can only buy HC furniture in habbo if you join the Habbo Club (HC). Joining HC costs around 30 coins per month, and will give you one free HC item per month. If you are not HC, you can still have the furniture, but you can not buy it from the catalogue.

What is a rare on Habbo?

A Rare is a Furniture or "Furni" That is barely seen in rooms on the hotel, they are usually hard to get and expencive (in coins)

What are the answers to the snowflake quests on Habbo?

You have to find that particular type of furniture anywhere and double-click it to complete the quest.