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What is the value of old baseball stamps?


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This is too vague a question to answer. The value will depend on if we are talking about old US postage stamps with a baseball theme, or a type of sticker stamp found in gum and/or other premiums, or rubber stamps, etc.


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What is the value other baseball Centennial stamp issued June 12 1939

It is possible for used stamps to have value. It will depend on their condition and rarity. Consult a catalog at your library to identify and value them.

Yes. Postage does not have to paid through individual stamps; as long as the value of all stamps placed on the envelope is enough to cover the cost that envelope carries, any number and value of stamps can be used.

There are many ways one can learn the value of stamps from Japan. One can learn the value of stamps from Japan at popular on the web sources such as Baxley Stamps and Herrick Stamps.

"A " stamps are the same as 15-cent stamps.

Stamps that were issued a long time ago should still be valid. Their face value (the value printed) is what they are worth for the post office, maybe a stamp collector values them even more (if they are old enough).

In the US, they are still valid for postage at their face value. The US has never de-valued their postage stamps. For a collector's value, you would have to consult a catalog to identify and value the stamp. Look for one at your library or on line.

Stamps that are not used are referred to as 'mint' stamps. The actual value will depend on the condition and the specific stamp. Consult a catalog to determine the value of any stamps you have.

Value entirely depends on what stamps are in the album. Without knowing what stamps, country and condition, it's impossible to value.

Yes, used stamps have value. Their condition and rarity is the biggest factor. Some of the most valuable stamps in the world are used.

You most certainly can! In most countries stamps do not lose there value, particularly if they are less than a few years old. And as long as the combination adds up to or exceeds the necessary value, they can be combined.

It is very difficult to determine value without actually being able to examine stamps. There are catalogs online that can help identify the stamps and provide a general value. Condition is important to determining value. And the actual value is not necessarily what is in the catalog. Most dealers will pay about 25% of the catalog value, particularly for low value items. If it is a high value item, you may be able to get more for it.

In my opinion, 'Old stamps' are stamps that have been issued from about 1850 to 1935. 'Old stamps' range in value from a few pennies to millions of dollars depending on which one you find or have. Don't be fooled there are still tens of thousands of stamps to be found that are worth from $25 into the $1,000's of dollars. Even dealers misidentify them.I have found thousands of stamps that have been misidentified or misgraded that are worth a lot. So happy hunting.

The could be of value. It would require proper identification to find whether the value is more than just a nominal one. Consult a catalog of postage stamps to identify and determine value.

what is the value of 1984 united states olympic postage stamps?

The value will depend on the country, the stamps and the condition.

What stamps? First postal stamps were used in 1840.

No they are not Forever stamps. They were issued in 2006 and have a value of 39 cents.

The best way is to consult the USPS web site. They list all of the stamps issued without a value. These stamps can still be used for postage at that value, so other stamps have to be added. They can only be used for US addresses.

Yes, you can use old stamps to mail a letter. However stamps that old had a particular value and it is likely they will be worth less than what it currently costs to mail a letter. It costs 49 cents to mail a letter, so if the value of the stamp is less than 49 cents, you would need to use multiple stamps on the envelope. The post office sells stamps in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 cent denominations. The letter will be rejected and sent back if the amount of value of the stamps is under 49 cents.

All stamps issued by the US since 1864 are still valid for postage at their face value.

no you can not use old special deliary stamps

The worth of a stamp depends on many factors which could cause a stamp to be worth pennies to hundreds, thousands into a million dollars. Most issues were printed in the 100's of millions of stamps making them worth only pennies. Some of the factors that make a stamp worth more are:Rarity: Stamps that had only a few printed go up in value.Old: Most old stamps have a good value, but not all of them.Mistakes or (Errors, Freaks and Oddities): Usually have very good values.Supply and demand: Some stamps go up in value because of demand. More people bought them an pushed the value up. (Baseball, Movie stars, animals, etc)

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