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During WW II, six cans of warm beer, or a carton of ice cream.

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When did the US capture the Japanese Islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa?

Iwo Jima and Okinawa were captured in early 1945.

When did allies capture Okinawa?

the allies captured Okinawa in June of 1945

What language is spoken by okinawa?

Mainland Japanese, Okinawa-accented Japanese, and Okinawan languages ka Ryukyuan.

How do you spell okinawa in japanese?

おきなわ = Okinawa

How did the Japanese defend okinawa?

The Japanese fought a war of attrition .

Which is the warmest island in the Japanese archipelago?


What island was the keystone of the Japanese defenses?


Who were Japanese generals in World War 2?

Here is a few generals: Imperial Japanese Army: GEN Homma (nick-named "The Tiger of Manila") GEN Ushijima-Battle of Okinawa GEN Kuribayashi-Battle of Iwo Jima GEN Hyakutake-Battle of Guadalcanal Japanese Imperial Navy: ADM Tanaka (The Razer) ADM Kusaka ADM Tsukahara

How far is Okinawa from Taiwan?

The southernmost Island of the Japanese district of Okinawa (Okinawa-ken) is situated only 125 miles off Taiwan.

How do you write THE WORD okinawa in Japanese?

沖縄県 (okinawa-ken), which is "Okinawa Prefecture", omitting the last Kanji 県 (ken) makes it 沖縄 (okinawa).

What island did the us have a base that was taken by the Japanese?


What language did the word karate come from?

Okinawa **************************** The language is Japanese.

Pacific island captured by the US in 1945?

The last two islands captured in the Pacific in 1945, were also the bloodiest; Iwo Jima & Okinawa.

What was the goal of the battle of okinawa?

The Japanese' goal was to defend their territory, and the Americans goal was to find and kill of the Japanese.

What was the importance of the Battle of okinawa?

The Battle of Okinawa was important because the Okinawa island was a part of Japan so a victory there would me a part of Japan had been captured. Also the battle served as a lesson on how difficult invading Japan could be.

What was the name of the Last island captured before the bombing of Japan?

Okinawa, at least I think so....

What successful American invasion caused the Japanese Emperor to surrender?


Does karate originate from china?

No it doesn't. originates on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Who was the Japanese gerneral in WW II?

A sampling of some of the generals & admirals: Imperial Japanese Army, General Homma (nick-named, the "Tiger of Manila"), conquered the Philippines (with portions of the US Army with it). Japanese GEN Hyakutake, Battle of Guadalcanal. Japanese GEN Ushijima, Battle of Okinawa. Japanese GEN Kuribayashi, Battle of Iwo Jima. Japanese Admirals: Tanaka (The Razer); Tsukahara; Kusaka; and Yamamoto.

What happened to the battleship yamato?

The battleship yamato was the best battleship ever built in ww2 by the Japanese imperial army.the yamato was set on a suidcide mission off the coast of okinawa when it was attacked by us fighter planes.the yamato was torpedoed 17 times and was bombed 71 times.the yamato sunked off the coast of okinawa.

What was the beach battle in Japan?

Okinawa The other islands that the Allies made amphibious assaults were territories or occupied islands and NOT part of the Japan. 2nd Answer: There were no beach battles in Japan. Okinawa island was the site of a huge, bloody battle against Japanese soldiers, but Okinawa was a separate country, not Japanese.

What are facts about Japanese karate?

Japanese karate was created based on Okinawa karate. It came to Japan in the 1930's.

Is there a tunnel in Okinawa?

the Japanese dug an tunnel network under ground on a huge scale to avoid bombings from allied ships, before the invasion of Okinawa.

Where does Gackt live?

Okinawa, Japan-The Japanese singer, Gackt, lives here.

In what battle did Japanese civilians fight in World War 2?

The battle of Okinawa.