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What is the value of pewter items made in 1076?

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There are no pewter objects known from this period (in fact, not many objcts at all!).

So, it is impossible to give a value to pieces which cannot exist!

How can you say that they were made in 1076?

In fact, you must be talking about repros...If there are marks, describe them.


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What are some household items for pewter?

Pewter can be made into tableware or decorative objects.

How much does pewter sell for?

Pewter is mostly made of tin, which has a very low value compared to some metals. It typically sells for no more than about $10 to $12 a pound, though antique pewter items can sell for many times that.

What objects are made from pewter?

There are many common items that are made from pewter. Some of these include plates, candlesticks, figures, and much more.

What items are made of tin?

There are many items that are made of tin. Some of these include coatings on food cans, pewter, and solder.

I have a small pewter plate made by Johann Christopher Heyne is there a starting value that I should ask for?

I collect Heyne pewter. Email me.

Why did the colonist melt pewter?

Pewter is a soft cheep alloy comprised mostly of tin. Because it is so soft, the blacksmith middleman is removed from the process. This pewter was made into everyday items such as eating utensils, plates, cups, and candle holders.

What is the value of pewter in general and the value of old pewter mugs?

The value of pewter in general is a great deal less than the value of gold because a pewter object may contain nearly about 95% tin. The other 5% may be a combination of materials including bismuth or lead. As to the value of old pewter mugs, the value is in that of the maker of the piece and the date of the piece. For example, a mug made and signed by Paul Revere would be more valuable than an unsigned piece of the same period. The general value of any antique item is usually the amount a buyer is willing to pay to acquire a piece.

What is the job description of a colonial pewter-er?

A colonial pewter-er is much like a blacksmith. It forges items out of a mix of metals called pewter. Pewter is mostly made of tin. After heating pewter bars they would pour it into a soapstone mould. They mostly make dishware, but may make things like medallions. I hope this was helpful!

Pewter is made out of what?

Nowadays pewter is made from tin, copper and antimony. Previously it was made from tin and lead.

When was pewter made?

Pewter was made in the 16th century. It is manufactured worldwide now. Northern France, Germany, and England have led in production of pewter.

What is pewter made up of?

Pewter, traditionally, is an alloy of tin and lead.


Worth of stede pewter made in germany

What is the value of a 1943 pewter penny?

There's no such thing as a pewter penny. 1943 wartime cents were made out of scrap steel and coated with zinc. Please see the Related Question for more information.

What is pewter used for today?

I have some cool figurines made of pewter. Does that count?

Is pewter magnetic?

Pewter is not magnetic. It is mostly made of tin which is a non magnetic material.

How can you tell if something is made of pewter?

The easiest way to determine if a material is pewter is to compare it to silver. Pewter is duller and darker than silver.

What is anteros in London made of?


What is value of 1986 Chess set made by Franklin Mint it is pewter and brass the bottom is marked 1986 Chilmark Fine Pewter U.S.A. 154?

I believe the set is worth a couple hundred dollars. Are you interested in selling it?

Is pewter a metal?

technically yes, pewter is made from lots of metals such as tin, lead, copper etc

Type of pewter or articles made from it?


A metal made of tin and lead?


I have a bi-centennial plate made of metal. It is marked Taiwan. How do I know if it is metal or pewter?

Pewter is a metal, its made from tin and a small amount of copper, so if it's pewter it's metal

What is pewter made of?

There are two formulas, one containing 71.5 parts of tin to 27.8 of lead, the other 78.2 of tin to 21.7 of lead. I work with Pewter in hard Tech/ Metal works, Unleaded Pewter is made of Tin(soft metal) Copper(used in many alloys) and Antimony(metalloid). Pewter is made of the materials above

Will acidic drinks ruin a pewter flask?

Yes. They can also be dangerous in an old pewter flask as pewter was once made with lead. Steel and glass are the best materials for a flask.

What is the value of a 1992 Bradfor Exchange Plate titled Nativity of Love made of pewter and stained glass?

It sold for 75.00 back in 1992. I am looking for it to buy.