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What is the value on a 22 marlin rifle model 80 micro grove barrel camaflouge?


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between 45-100 dollars on today,s market.

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My Glenfield Model 25 has a micro-groove barrel,so I imagine others do as well.

What is the value of a Marlin Micro Groove Barrel MCD 336 Cal 30-30 WIN?"

It should be marked on the barrel if it has the Marlin micro groove rifling.The model 25m was made from 1989-2003.That being said it will if it was a early made rifle.

most likely it is. marlin (glenfield is marlin) began using micro-grove technology in 1953.

Take the first two numbers of the serial number and subtract that from 2000. For example, 07 from 2000 would make your rifle manufactured in 1993.

marlin 1870-micro-groove barrol-model 444 is it a 1-20 or a 1-38 grove & whst is it worth ?

50-90 dollars depending on overall condition of your Marlin model 783.

$85 - $140 depending on condition.

You will need to add the serial number,to get the answer to your question.

Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 782 was made in the year 1977.

Your marlin model 782 was made by marlin in 1980.You can find this by subtracting the first 2 digits from 100.Hence 100-20=80(1980).

The Marlin 1870 is valued at a price close to $600 to $700. The exact will price will depend upon the condition of the rifle.

The Marlin 99 was a low-priced utility rifle made only from 1959-1961 and it has not much collector value. Today they sell for under $100 and Micro groove is no longer used by Marlin because it wore out too quickly. It was used to lessen production time and cost.

Marlin switched from Ballard rifling to the newer micro-groove on their 81 DL model in 1954.

New? Used? What year? what condition? Use your head before asking.

250-375 dollars depending on overall condition of the rifle in question.

Your serial number indicates that your model 782 rifle was made in the year 1981.

Double check that model number, I believe it actually reads 336CS. The Marlin 336 in most of its variants is valued as a shooter, in the $150-$225 range.

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