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AnswerAs with any measurement of value it depends supply and condition. All 572's have aluminum alloy receivers, so the supply is limitless. New ones go for 350ish and you can figure backwards from there. Now there were a few 572's made for a few years in the late 50's into the early 60's that had anodized alloy receivers and steel lined alloy barrels. They also got aluminum butt plates. They came in 3 color configurations, Buckskin tan, Crow wing Black and Teal wing Blue. The BST variation being most common and the TWB the least. These "Lightweights" in good condition seem to bring from $300 to $500+ depending on the color variation.
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2014-08-05 15:55:41
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Value good condition

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Q: What is the value on a Remington 22 cal rifle field master model 572 patent no2675638 aluminum alloy 22 S L LR?
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browning and Remington are two different companies, its not possible to have one companies gun under another companies patent.I beg to differ! I have a Remington model 81 woodmaster in 300sav.caliber that is made by remington and has John M.Brownings patent marked right on the barrel.Brownings patent for the remington models 8,and 81 were from the year 1900.The Remington model 8 was made from 1906-1936,and the model 81 from 1936-1950.All Winchester model 1886 rifles were made under a patent frpm John M.Browning.If you can re-post your question with the model number of your Remington,and caliber along with a 2 or 3 letter code found on the barrel of your firearm,I will be able to date your firearm for you.

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I have a octagonal barrel .32 caliber Remington Patent date May 3, 1864 - What would it be worth?

What year was Remington 572 Fieldmaster pump 22 patent 2675638 made?

go to Remington web site they can help you as they did with my 870 wingmaster

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Depends a lot on what type of rifle, patent alone doesn't cut it.

What is a Remington field master 22 cal model 572 patent 2675638 rifle worth?

It all depends on the rifles condition. Could be $100.00 to around $150.00 if it's in original condition with no drilling or tapping for sites or scope mounts.

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1600.00 I know that's on the 870 and what else i don't know but it's unlikely any Remington shotgun will bring that amount

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