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100-1000 and up depending on specifics


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Need a detailed description of finish, condition, box, papers, all features and markings.

automatic transmissions have a slave valve to control shifting

No automatic choke, has fuel injection. IAC valve (Idle Air Control) valve controls that

according to a local dealer that model has no modulator valve on its automatic transmission sorry !

An automatic transmission shift valve is like a swing. It is moves back and forth with the use of pressure. That is how gears are changed.

An Air Vent Valve is an "automatic air release valve" that purges air pockets from developing in liquid at highpoints in a pipeline. Larry Tolvaysh

With an approved automatic bleeder valve

The Zafira 1.8 automatic does not have an EGR Valve. These vehicles had a Z18XE engine, and were not equipped with the EGR Valve as there was no need for one.

On your 1989 Ford Ranger : The vacuum modulator valve is on the passenger side of the A4LD automatic transmission ( it might be behind a heat shield )

Check out sunbelt valve body builders they specialize in saturns. Their number is 813615560 or at sunbeltvalvebody.comAnother AnswerThe valve body is the part of the automatic transmission that diverts pressurized hydraulic fluid to the different parts of an automatic transmission, causing the transmission to engage and shift. If you haven't had much experience repairing automatic transmissions, it might be best to work with a qualified mechanic to replace the valve body on your Saturn.

A modulator valve is located inside the case, in front of the modulator.

I believe the modulator valve on the A4LD automatic transmission is on the right side of the transmission behind a heat shield

It all depends on the model. Which one are you asking about.

A fully manual valve body in an automatic will need to be shifted manually ( no clutch ) May not be available for your application .

If it's a 2.4 L DOHC motor, there is no EGR valve.

Inside the trans, on the side of the valve bodyInside the trans, on the side of the valve body

Starting with the 1995 model of Ford Explorer the automatic transmission was ELECTRONICALLY controlled , so there is no modulator valve

If you are asking the function of a modulater valve,it is to smooth out the shifts in an automatic transmission.

Starting with the 1995 model year of Ford Explorer the automatic transmissions were electronically controlled ( so as far as I know there is no modulator valve )

around $3300 to $3400 models 500 or 5100

from good to vg $2500.00 to $3500.00 new in box around $5400.00

Not usually. Check local plumbing codes, they may differ.

yes it still works the same on a automatic car that is turbo, as it does on a manual, it works off the waste gate not the tranny

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