What is the vegetation in eritrea?

Almost all natural vegetation in Eritrea are semi-arid with either annual plants or deciduous perennials which produce during a short rainy season of just a few months. According to 1995 government report about 8.9 % of land in Eritrea is cultivated for agriculture.

Climate in Eritrea is controlled mainly by altitude. The Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture recognizes six agro-ecological zones as; (1) Sub-humid escarpment , (2) moist highlands; (3) arid highlands, (4) arid lowlands, (5) semi-desert zones and (6) deserts.

Some dominant species you find in the open forests and/ or shrub lands include (in no particular order): Dodonea angustifolia, Otostegia integrofolia, Psidadia punctulata, Rhus natalysis, Rhamnus studdo, Olea africana, Acacia etbaica, Acacia assak, Acacia tortillis, Acacia senegal, Eucalyptus rudis, etc.