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The verbs in this sentence are "is" and "seems."

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Q: What is the verb in she is small but seems very strong?
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it is a linking verb. "Seems" "tastes" "smells" are all the same kind of verb, what one of my old teacher called "Wannabe Verbs", meaning they want to be a "Being Verb" (be, is, was, might be, etc. etc.) The soup seems good..... SEEMS is a Linking Verb to GOOD, which is the PREDICATE ADJECTIVE

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No, the word 'will' is a verb (or auxiliary verb) and a noun.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.Examples:If Jack says he will do it. Hewill. (The pronouns 'he' take the place of the noun 'Jack'; auxiliary verb 'will do' and verb 'will')Jack's will to succeed is very strong. (the noun 'will')

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