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Identify is a verb. The past tense and past participle are identified.


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Identify IS a verb. It's other forms are: identify identifies identified identifying

Identify is already a verb. For example "to identify something or someone" is an action and therefore a verb.

Yes, the word 'identify' is a verb. The noun form would be 'identification'.

The verb form of identity is identify. As in "to identify something or someone".

Identify is the verb form for identification.

The noun forms for the verb to identify are identifier and the gerund, identifying.A related noun form is identity.

Yes, it is a verb. It means to identify using the senses, or to acknowledge.

Close is a transitive verb because the word, "close" needs and object to identify the verb.

he jumped. jumped is the verb becayse iti it the action that the noun:he is doing == "Identify the verb in this sentence."The word "verb" has been used in the sentence in a correct context. "Identify" happens to be the verb in the sentence. The subject (main noun) of the sentence is "the verb," and "in this sentence" is a prepositional phrase and the object.

The verb identify can use either of the participles depending on the usage. They are identifying and identified.

I hope that you can identify just exactly where in this sentence I have successfully utilized a verb.

The verb in the sentence is did strike; the word 'did' is the past tense of the auxiliary verb 'do' with the base form of the main verb 'strike'.

Identify is a verb and has no plural form. The corresponding noun is identification, the plural form of which is identifications.

Ran is the action verb of this sentence.

a complete predicate is the part of the sentence that includes the verb and the object that the verb describes.

The abstract noun form of the verb to identify are identification and identity; words for concepts.

The noun forms for the verb identify are identifier and identifiable. Other noun forms are identity and identification.

Identify item Verb Finish Thought

The verb of identity is identify.Other verbs are identifies, identifying and identified, depending on the tense.Some example sentences are:"We will identify the suspect"."She identifies with him"."They are identifying the culprit now"."The thief had no idea how he was identified".

something with an "ing" at the end of the word it is usually a verb

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