Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What is the very best Pokemon in platinum?

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the best Pokemon are darkrai and arceus, but never count out the ansester of all Pokemon, mew

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What is the best Pokemon video game?

the best will have to be Pokemon platinum its very awesome and Pokemon rumble is also very nice

How do you get spirtomb in Pokemon Platinum?

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

What is the best Pokemon on emerald?

thatmatters what kind of stats your Pokemon haves or you can make it the best to do EV training, which works also very good on platinum

Which beginer Pokemon is better in platinum?

well to opinion the best beginner in Pokemon platinum is chimchar

Who is the best pokemon to catch Pokemon Platinum?

Going by stats, the overall best pokemon is Arceus.

Is Pokemon ranger guardian signs better than Pokemon Platinum?

Most definitely not! Pokemon Platinum is by far the best. Let the best trainer win!

What is the best Pokemon game ever made?

Pokemon platinum and Pokemon emerald

What Pokemon game is the best?

Pokemon platinum yeah it is awesome baby

Is Pokemon Platinum version the best Pokemon game?

Actually,Pokemon Platinum,Diamond,and Pearl are the bestest game ever on a DS.(EMO)

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