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Using the right tools, almost anyone can deal with this maintenance item. Spark plugs should be changed every according to the schedulte listed in your owners manual, usually with this model and year car at around 100,000 miles. Check your owners manual. Removing the Old Spark Plugs Steps: 1. Pull the hood release lever located under the dashboard. 2. Walk around to the front of the car, reach under the hood, find the latch and squeeze it. Open the hood. 3. Find the spark plugs, located in a row along one side of the engine (on an in-line four-cylinder engine) and attached to thick wires, called spark plug wires. 4. Change one spark plug at a time, always putting the plug wire back on before changing the next spark plug (see warning below). 5. Pull off one spark plug wire where it attaches to the plug. There is a little rubber boot at the plug end of the wire; pull on this part. Pulling higher up on the wire can damage the spark plug wire and cause it to separate. 6. Blow or wipe away any dirt or debris around the spark plug. You do not want anything to fall into the cylinder while the spark plug is out. 7. With the spark plug socket and a ratchet, remove the spark plug by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. You may need an extension for your ratchet if the spark plugs are deep-set or not directly accessible. Ratchets with flexible heads are especially helpful for hard-to-reach spark plugs. 8. Check the spark plug to make sure it needs replacing. A good spark plug should be lightly coated with greyish brown deposits. If heavy deposits are present, if the spark plug is black or if the electrode or core nose are damaged, the plug needs to be replaced. Tips: Your socket set should have a "spark plug socket" (usually with a little padding/grip inside it) just for spark plugs. Make sure the car is off and let the engine cool before changing the spark plugs. Warnings: Change one spark plug at a time, putting the wire back on after you're done. If you pull all the wires off at once, you may put them back on the wrong spark plugs; this changes the firing order, and your car will run badly or not at all. If you must take all the wires off at once, label them with white correction fluid or with masking tape and a marker. Gapping the New Spark Plugs Steps: 1. Find the chart listing the proper "gap" for your plugs in your car's repair manual. The spark plug gap may also be on the sticker on the inside of the car's hood. The parts store can provide you with this specification as well. 2. Insert the spark plug gapping tool in the gap between the metal center electrode and the metal side electrode of the plug's tip. 3. Look at the tool's ruled edge and find the gap's measurement. If it is too big, bend the spark plug's end with the tool to widen the gap. To make the gap smaller, push the side electrode (the metal part at the very top) against a hard service. 4. After adjusting, measure again. Repeat this procedure until the gap matches the specification listed in your car's manual. 5. Repeat with each plug. Tips: Spark plug gap specifications are listed in inches and/or millimeters. The gapper will have inches on one side and millimeters on the other. Warnings: Make sure you buy the right spark plugs for your car based on its model, make and year. Installing the New Spark Plugs Steps: 1. Hand-tighten each spark plug in place. If you feel any resistance, stop and start over to prevent cross-threading. 2. Tighten the plugs with a socket wrench until snug. (Warning) Do not overtighten. 3. Replace the spark plug wires. Usually, you will hear a soft pop when the plug wire snaps onto the plug. 4. Start the engine. Listen. If the engine runs roughly or doesn't start, make sure the wires are pushed all the way onto the new plugs. Tips: Improperly gapped plugs will make your car run roughly, start poorly and have bad gas mileage.

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Q: What is the very best spark plug for a 2005 Toyota Corolla S Is it an easy replacement with standard tools?
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