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Puberty is VERY variable and although the average for boys to start puberty is 12 or 13 years of age the range of ages which are considered normal is anything between 9 years of age and the late teens. If you get to 16 and there is still no sign of penis or teste growth and no other signs of puberty (such as the growth of hair close to your penis or the deepening of your voice) then it might be a good adea to seek advice from your doctor.

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Q: What is the very latest a boy's penis should start growing?
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What is the latest age a boys penis can start to grow?

The latest possible age for your penis to start growing is around 17-18.

When should your penis start growing?

when you're 3

When should you start growing hair around your penis?

Around thirteen when they hit pubery

When does your penis start growing?


When does the penis start growing?

When the body of the male starts responding to the biological call to attaind the sex need,then the penis start growing.

PeterPlease when will breast grow?

exactly when penis start growing

When do boys grow hair on their Penis?

You should start growing pubic hair at around ages 11-14. But this could happen earlier or later. When you start growing pubic hair you have started puberty.

How much pubic hair shoud ou have at 12?

Your public hair should just start to be growing close to your penis and it will increase as you get older.

What if you reach puberty still your penies is not growing?

Don't freak out your penis is still growing slowly but it is usually the last thing to start growing.

You are fourteen and your penis is 6 inches will it keep growing?

it will start to decrease as you get older

When will your penis start growing?

A penis will start to rapidly grow between the ages 9-18. It usually grows around 2-4 inches in that time...

If mountain dew stopped penis from growing will it start growing ever agani?

No, it will continue to retract until it becomes a permanent "inny".

What happens at each stage?

At puberty, Stage 1. Your Harmones will be released and start working. Stage 2. Your Penis will start growing. Stage 3. You may get erections(tall stiff) which is normal. Penis gets larger. start growing pubic hair. Stage 4. Get taller, stronger,erections, Penis gets bigger. stage 5. Penis finishes growing get taller have pubic hair. (if these stages are occurring late, then you are what they call "late bloomer".

When should your penis start growing if you stated puberty at age 10?

Every guy is different so it really depends on genetic heritage. But most guys start to see slight changes at about 12.

Should you have hair on your penis at age 12?

Well it depends on how big you are and what age and when u hit puberty. It is quite common to start growing hair at this age though

I am 13 and i have stated growing pupic hairs iv had bad oders and iv had a pain in my tetical once so am i at start of puberty and about how long does it take for your penis to start growing?

Its pretty much different for everyone. It should spurt eventually however the total length is undetermined. However it should just start growing soon however I cannot tell you how quick or long... It is 100% different for everyone

What happens during guy puberty?

In males, first the testis start growing in size. The penis length and girth increase. hair start growing in pubic area, face and armpits. There is increase in libido.

At what age do guys start growing?

Guys grow in height starting at birth. But if you are talking about penis size, they start growing in the second stage of puberty, which is around 11-11.5 years old on average.

Do penis start growing on the first days of puberty?

No. Your penis starts to grow after about a year of starting puberty. It grows in lenght initially. After roughly 2.5 years it gets thicker.

What is the latest you start your period?

the latest is 16 if you havent satred your period by 16 you should go to your doctor and get them to give you some meication to start you off it is unhealthy to start after 16 the earlies that i have heared was 7 7 is the earliest and 16 is the latest

It it weird to be a 13 yeart old with a 1 inch penis?

well its not weird. you probably havent hit puberty yet. once you start, it will start growing faster

Is a three and a half inch penis regular for a 12 year old?

My penis didn't start growing until I was about 16. Dont worry about it mate you've got plenty of time yet : )

My testicles seem bigger then my penis I'm going through puberty but it doesn't seem like my penis is growing?

That's normal at the very start of puberty the balls grow and start producing hormones which make the rest of the body changes of puberty

What doctor should you see for lesions on your penis?

You should see a urologist However a GP should be able to help you to start with.

How does puberty affect the male body?

It grows the size of your penis, you will start sweating much more often, you will start growing hair in many places, including your private areas.