What is the volume of a shoebox?

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changes by the size but mostly 6820CM's cubed.

What is volume?

The amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by a substance or an object is its volume. A gas, when heated, can expand to many times the volume it had at room temperature. An object having length, width, and height of 1 meter has a volume of 1 cubic meter. 1. volume is the space occupied by gas or ( Full Answer )

What is a volume?

The volume is the units in a shape or a type of object your working with. It is mainly units in a box, so you would count the boxes and if there would 2 shapes or math objects in a problem you would count the first units in the first shape or object and count them and then you would take the second ( Full Answer )

What would be the physics principles of a shoebox timer?

air resistance-if you have a part where it's free falling. gravity-pulling the marble down to your obstacles rather than it flying everywhere in your box. rolling friction-marble rolling on obstacles (ex: ramps).

How do you get volume?

Volume is measured in "cubic" units. You can think of the volume of a figure sort of as the number of cubes required to fill it completely, like blocks in a box -- but that's only sort of , because most three-dimensional shapes, including spheres (round balls) and pyramids, don't have flat surfaces ( Full Answer )

How do you make a truck out of a shoebox?

I know how. My cousin taught me how. what u do is u ....................................... and there u go!!! a TRUCK SHOEBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude... seriously all u need 2 do is cut in the shape of a car and put on construction paper for windows and if u want make some designs or add s ( Full Answer )

How do you make a shoebox house?

You will need:1 shoe box 1 Glue stick 50 Sheets of paper 1 Pair of scissors 1 Pencil or pen What to do 1.On one of your

Is specific volume molar volume?

No. Specific volume is the inverse of density. Molar volume specific volume divided by mols. (i.e. g/(mLxMols)

Does Emily Osment sings the song Shoebox?

She actually doesn't. But I can admit that their voices sounds pretty similar. But if you've listened to Emily's songs alot, you can hear that the tones are not the same.

The Volume of a can?

Most canned goods have their volume printed on their label in fluid ounces, milliliters (ml) or liters. The volume of a cylindrical can may be calculated by using the formula Volume = pi × radius × radius × height (pi is approximately 3.14). For example, a can 6 cm wide (radius = 3cm) and ( Full Answer )

What does a tundra shoebox diorama look like?

It looks just like what is shown in the related links. I meltedglue sticks in a pot and poured it into the bottom of the box tomake the ice water and then glued fake moss for the ice algae. Iused my sons toys for the animals and craft paint for the snow andsoil. The glaciers are made with regular pa ( Full Answer )

Volum is what?

For one, it is spelled "V-O-L-U-M- E ". Just thought you should know that!! And the formula for volume is length times width times height!! Your very welcome!!

What is a shoebox project?

Serisously, I think that a shoebox project is a diagram that can display anything you want it to...

How do you find the volume of a shoebox?

Same as measuring a room. length times width times height. 10 inches long, 6 inches wide is 60 square inches times 5 inches tall which is 300 cubic inches. This is approximate, use the measurements of the shoebox and do the same math.

How do you get your volume?

step 1: get a water tank, larger than the bathtub in bathroom, smaller than a swimming pool. step 2: make calibrations of volume on the tank, i.e. water level indicator. step 3: fill water in it, enough to drown you completely, take reading of the water level then. say R1. step 4: get into the ta ( Full Answer )

How do you spell shoebox?

This is spelled shoe box - two words ("shoebox" is not in the dictionary and would be a misspelling). Although many two word-combinations end up becoming compound words rather than two separate words, some are still only used as two separate words.

What is the difference from a unit of volume or a volume?

A volume is the amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by a substance or an object. A unit of volume is the description of the amount of space occupied, such as the number of liters, gallons, cubic feet, cubic yards, cubic meters, etc., that the substance or object occupies. To say that an object ha ( Full Answer )

Shoebox shadow box for book report?

Take your shoebox and put it on a flat surface. Take a piece of printer paper or construction paper(any kind of blank white paper) and make a shadow of the box.

What is volume and what is the measurement for volume?

Volume is Length times wigth times hight. . volume it depends on what you are measuring like a wall or a chair of some sort. . if you were measuring a cubic figure then it depends on how your teacher or whoever is teaching you, so they might tell you to do it a different way. . if on a cubic f ( Full Answer )

Who was shoebox Annie?

"Shoebox Annie" was a serial killer who sold shoelaces out of an old shoebox. She lived around the 1930 time period, and was charged with murdering several children.

Can rabbits eat shoeboxes?

Rabbits can eat paper and cardboard products, but they should be plain, not glossy. A shoebox that's plain cardboard with minimal inks is fine, but remove any staples, tape, labels, etc. A shoebox that's covered in a bleached glossy layer with lots of colours is not very good for a rabbit and should ( Full Answer )

Can ladybugs live in a shoebox?

Lady bugs can probably live in a shoebox, but it would be better if you had a jam jar with grass and twigs in it. And you have to feed it fruit flies. That's what they eat

Why the volume of television called volume?

Volume is an old audio and music term, and its use in TV is merely carried over from radio. It only applies to the sound component, not the video component.

How do you make a shoebox bedroom?

You need a: -shoe box -fabric (for curtains and sheets) -carpet samples (for carpet) -doll house furniture (for furniture) or buy some clay and paint and hope you are not bad at sculpting

Are you a shoebox?

No I am not a shoebox here are two reasons i cant be a shoebox 1.) shoe boxes cant think 2.) shoe boxes cant type 3.) shoe boxes aren't living

What is the volume of liquid volume?

The volume of a liquid is the amount of space occupied by the liquid. The volume of a liquid is the amount of space occupied by the liquid. The volume of a liquid is the amount of space occupied by the liquid. The volume of a liquid is the amount of space occupied by the liquid.

Where can one find ShoeBox for iPhone?

One may find "ShoeBox" for iPhone in the Apple App store. One may also find a link to this application through the manufacturers site "1000 Memories".

How do you make a shoebox museum?

Put things in your shoebox that you think are special, or worthlooking at. Shoebox museums are similar to the old curiositycabinets, which were filled by princes and other royalty withthings they thought looked nice or were interesting. You can fillyour shoebox just as they filled their cabinets.

What actors and actresses appeared in Shoebox Heroes - 2008?

The cast of Shoebox Heroes - 2008 includes: Charley Coleman as Panzergrenadier Nathan Connelly as Tex Steven English as Ernest Burgess Brandon English as Hollywood Mike Fraesseors as Karl Fraesseors Christopher Hobgood as Ben Burgess Bill Hovenbeck as Willhelm Hovenbeck Cherie Mendez as Doris Burges ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Shoebox Zoo - 2004?

The cast of Shoebox Zoo - 2004 includes: Simon Callow as Wolfgang the Wolf Krystina Coates as Laura Paul Coeur as Grandpa (2005) Jason Connery as Dad Alan Cumming as Bruno the Bear Dorothy Duffy as Ms. Arnot Kirsty Elkin as Dr. Joanna Robertson Vivien Endicott Douglas as Marnie McBride Natascha Girg ( Full Answer )