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If a conforming lender (better rates) is used, usually about 2 years. If a non-corming lender is used (not so good rates), one day. The difference in these two types of lenders will depend on your credit score at the time of application and the loan-to-value of the loan you are applying.

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Q: What is the waiting period for applying for a home loan after chapter 7?
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What is the waiting period for purchasing a home after filing bankruptcy if a mortgage was included?

There is no specific waiting period. You can purchase a home as soon as you reestablish your credit to the satisfaction of any proposed lender.

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If you file chapter 13 and have a foreclosure are you still able to obtain financing for a home?

Absolutely, there are many programs available to assist existing home owners as well as home buyers with financing home loans after bankruptcy and foreclosure. To obtain a home loan while currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy it is very important to establish a good payment history. The company that will approve you for a home loan will need to have your payment history. They will also contact the trustee of your chapter 13 bankruptcy to receive permission or an ok to proceed with your home loan. To obtain a home loan after chapter 13 bankruptcy you will need to provide the following to your loan officer. Original schedules of your bankruptcy Discharge documents of your bankruptcy Proof that you have a satisfied discharge Proof that you have established new credit To obtain a home loan after a foreclosure. Maintained or established new credit Applying for an FHA Home Loan there is a waiting period of three years after the foreclosure proceedings have been completed. For Conventional Home Loans you will need to wait five years. Frank Thomas Sr. Loan Consultant 480-621-4270

Which bankruptcy is for a home?

You can file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 as a homeowner. If you are trying to save the home from foreclosure, then Chapter 13 would be the proper chapter.

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There are two parts to this answer. The first is if you are trying to "SAVE" your home you would not be filing a chapter 7. YOu would be filing a chapter 13 Which is designed for you to be able to keep your assets that have fallen into delinquency such as your home or vehicle. Chapter 13 put you into repayment plan for the 7 months that are past due spread out over 3-5 years. Chapter 7 is a liquidation of debt if your were able to file again...Which brings us to part two of the answer you would be saying in essence you want to let your house go and liquidate or zero out any remaining balance. There is a 8 year waiting period before you can file another 7 anyway and that is not the plan you need.

Will applying for ebt affect me when applying for home loan in Florida?

Well, if you can't afford to buy food, how are you going to afford to pay for a home loan?

Can a debtor in a chapter 13 rent their home?

Unless specifically stated in the chapter 13 agreement, you can rent your home.

What are the requirements to qualify for an FHA home loan?

"Requirements for an FHA home loan vary depending on what kind of loan you are applying for. If you are applying for a re-structuring loan, you need to own a home. If you are applying for a first mortgage, you need good credit, a deposit and a social security number."

After Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been Discharge can buy a home?

After Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been Discharge can buy a home

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