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Poptropica's Counterfeit Island was released to players via the Early Access pass on December 21, 2009. On January 4, 2010, it opened for general access.

(To get into the island early, you needed to purchase an Early Island Access pass from the Poptropica Store.)

Walkthrough (includes spoilers - there is a video link at the Related Links):

  1. Arrive on Counterfeit Island. Go right to the Inn, climb up to get the torn piece of the dragon picture, near the upper right of the roof.
  2. Go right to Downtown. Get a green balloon at the Clown Store.
  3. Go right to the Countryside. Give the balloon to the crying kid. (oops!)
  4. Go left to Downtown. In the trash at the Underground Tour, the right can has tickets in it.
  5. Go left to Main Street. The guy at the internet Cafe lost the tickets, and gives you one. (Character was originally supposed to be female!)
  6. Go to the tour. In the big dome underground is another dragon picture piece.
  7. Exit at the Docks. There is a shady character there who tells you about the museum job. Find two more dragon pieces (behind guy and on the boat.
  8. Go right to the Museum. On the roof is the 5th dragon picture piece.
  9. Enter the Museum and apply for the job. Swap the paintings that are in the wrong place. (Middle in Upper Left to Right on Upper Right, to Right on Lower Right, to Middle on Lower Left, to Middle on Upper Left)
  10. Take the Forgery tutorial : The X-ray painting has drawings underneath.* The forged painting has a different signature. The Moon painting has stars showing thru the darkened half. On the paint tests, the small square will flash the proper chemical color, and you quickly click the same colored beaker above. (1= Green-Red-Blue-Red 2 = Red-Green-Blue-Blue 3 = Blue-Red-Blue-Green)
  11. Get the key to the Supply Room. Go through the Statue Room and visit the Video Surveillance set-up in Security.
  12. Open the Supply Room to find the 6th and final dragon picture piece.
  13. Leave the museum. It is night-time. Go to the Docks where the shady guy waits. Enter the Underground and go to the secret tunnel entrance. It is a board ladder just past the chain climbing area.
  14. Match the dragon picture to the 8 movable parts of the face. This opens the lock, and you enter the Museum supply room.
  15. Duck past the Security room, and Dodge the lasers by hiding behind the statues.
  16. Find "The Scream" and climb the light to guard it.
  18. It is next morning at the police station. Take the lie detector test to prove you were framed.
  19. Seek out the missing Security Guard. He is at the Clown Store downtown.
  20. Take his time card to the Museum and locate the true thief on tape : the shady guy.
  21. Print his photo and canvass the town looking for information on him. The mimes know him and whistle at you. They are telling you he's in the Jazz Club.
  22. Chase the shady guy on the motor scooter, and don't crash into the open holes. He gets away, dropping the Black Widow key card.
  23. Return to the museum for a special delivery message. The museum's curator is waiting for you in Early Poptropica.
  24. Fly in the blimp to Early Poptropica, and go to the Art Museum. The curator of Museum Fantastique tells you of a plot to steal the world's art treasures, and gives you a key.
  25. Fly back to Counterfeit Island, and go to the house in the Countryside. The key opens the door there.
  26. Find the missing "Scream" behind a phony canvas on the wall.
  28. Wake up in the underground lair of the Black Widow. (Surprise, it's the lady police inspector.) You and her former henchman (the shady guy) are tied up. When she leaves, scoot your chair over (click and drag mouse), and once you are beside him, he will free you.
  29. Dodge your way through the lair, jumping up behind the female guard to reach the springy chair and then the key card door.
  30. The final battle : you have to simultaneously save the thrown art treasures while you crank the lift platform for Shady Guy to reach the Black Widow. If more than $1 million gets by you, you have to start over. (Crank the lift while she is enraged and throwing bombs at you.)
  31. Exit the lair and meet the returned curator, who will award you the Island Medallion! (More famous artwork is safely displayed thereafter in the Museum.)

* The number of the x-ray painting will change if replayed. For other details, see the related questions.

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Q: What is the walkthrough for Counterfeit Island?
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