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This indicator is telling you that the antifreeze level in your engine compartment overflow container is low. Under the hood, look on the left side (from the front) for the container. On the outside is marked the ideal level. If the level is very low, something is leaking in your coolant system and should be checked. If it's just a little low, go ahead and put a little antifreeze in there. NOTE: Do NOT open this container if the engine is hot. That sounds like you are describing the hazard warning system control switch. If so the switch is normally activated by pushing it down. That causes the turn signal lights on all four corners of the car to flash. That is a hazard warniong to other cars that you would activate when your car is moving much slower than normal trafic or is stopped on the shoulder of the road. Normally the system is deactivated by pulling up on the same switch. Water Level

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Q: What is the warning light that has an arrow pointing downward towards a wiggly line inside a square with a T-type looking handle on top?
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What does a box with an arrow mean on your dashboard This engine warning light comes on your 1992 Chevrolet Corsica?

my 92 Chevrolet corsica has a rectangular signal that appears on my dash. It is a box with wavy lines at the bottom of it. there is an arrow pointing downward. What does this mean. There are no pictures of this symbol in the manual.

What is the Lexus warning light that looks like parenthesis with two arrows pointing inward towards a dot mean?

I'm guessing that is your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) which will light up if your tire pressure needs to be checked.

2001 Saturn sl2 warning light wave with arrow pointing down?

You need coolant.

2001 Saturn SL2 warning light wave with arrow pointing up?

Check your coolant level

What does the warning light on the 2001 Toyota sienna with two arrows pointing toward each other with a dot in the center mean?

Tire Pressure

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What does the light on the dash next to the low washer fluid light with the arrows pointing inward towards the dot mean on a ford windstar?

I just happened to choose the 1999 Ford Windstar Owner Guide to look at and the warning light beside the low washer fluid light means that one of your exterior lights is burned out

The warning Light looking like a spanner on ford transit comes on what is it?

needs a service

What would cause a squeaking noise from the left front wheel area?

Many brake pads have a "warning indicator" which will squeak when the brake pads start to get near the end of their life. This "warning indicator" is usually nothing more than a small metal tab that protrudes out from the side of the pads backing plate pointing towards the brake rotor. As the pad wears, the distance between the metal tab and the brake rotor begins to shorten until a point is reached where the metal tab actually comes in contact with the break rotor. This causes the squeak as a warning to the driver that the break pads are low.

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What is the red light on a Cavalier that is a red box with an arrow pointing down with water under it?

That light is a warning that your engine coolant is low. Check your expansion tank for the proper level and fill as necessary.

What is the bottom right gazebo looking warning light on a 1995 dodge stealth twin turbo?

Low coolant

How do you reset tire pressure warning light on a 2008 Toyota Yaris?

Have you tried looking in your Owners Manual, it's in there.

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On a 1995 Chevy Cavalier what is a warning light that comes on and off which has an arrow pointing down over some water or fluid level?

It is the radiator warning light. Usually it indicates low radiator fluid level. I have had this come on when I have had some minor radiator leaks leading to radiator coolant level going down.

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