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What is the warrior cat name prefixes?

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By prefixes, do you mean the first part to a Warrior name?


-- (Vixen)kit

-- (Sand)storm

-- (Fire)star

-- (Bramble)claw

-- (Holly)kit

-- (Leopard)star

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What is a lady warrior name?

a she-cat or she-warrior.

If your name is you and you were born in a what is your warrior cat name?

Clawfire is it.

What cat becomes leader in warrior cats that is not a cat name?


How do you become a warrior cat?

You have to be properly trainer as an apprentice, then receive your warrior name after.

What was graypaws warrior cat name?


What is Jaypaws warrior name?

you mean his medicine cat name? well his medicine cat name is Jayfeather.

What warrior cat names start with the letter f?

In the Warrior books Foxkit could be a name for a cat with a reddish coat.

What is sagepaw's warrior name?

Skyclan's Sagepaw warrior name unown Sagewhisker Shadowclan medicine cat.

Is Splashspo ta good warrior cat name?


Is RubyClaw a warrior cats name?

no their is no cat named rubyclaw in the warrior cat series, but the name would not be common be cause the only Ruby Warriors knows of is the color!

Is Palespots a good warrior name for a brown cat with spots?

It is a great name.

Is Iceclaw a good warrior cat name?

It is a form of opinion.

What is a good Warrior Cat last name for Petal?


Is AlphaStep a warrior cat name?

No, they don't know what an 'Alpha' is and it is not suitable as a warrior name. It just doesn't really make sense.

Is jayclaw a real warrior cat?

no, jaypaw is blind and could not become a full warrior. so, he became a medicine cat and his name changed from jaypaw to jayfeather.

What is a good warrior name for a black and white she cat?

Cutie pie(:

What would be a good warrior name for a black striped she-cat?

How about Froststripe or Badgerstripe darkfur stripedpelt

In what book does jaypaw get his warrior name?

Well he doesn't get a warrior name but a medicine cat name in the 5th book of the third series 'Long Shadow's', his name become Jayfeather.

Who is your favorite Warrior cat from ThunderClan?


Why did the apprentices listed in the Allegiances section of Bluestar's Prophecy already have warrior names?

In Bluestar's Prophecy Featherwhisker is listed under Apprentices even though he has a warrior name because he is a medicine cat apprentice and medicine cat apprentices can receive their warrior name at anytime but they are an apprentice until the medicine cat dies or quits.

Warrior name for the cat with the mangled face?

Her name is Brightheart (Brightpaw when she was hurt by the dog pack).

What is a good warrior cat name for a light brown she cat?

Sweetbriar, Briarpelt, Hazelpelt/fur, Mousefur/pelt.

Is a warrior cat movie coming out in 2012?

No. There are currently no plans for a Warrior Cat movie.

What is the name of the cat that unlocks the mountains on cats clan?

for this answer its in the warrior book:stone river

Is Leopardfur the same cat as Leopardstar?

Yes, Leopardfur was Leopardstar's warrior name.