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Well, considering that there are only two primary water-routes, your answer will vary. The fastest route ships often take is through the Panama Canal. However, they will often stop at various ports of call enroute. This cruise will take about 12-13 days, depending on the length of time spent in port. Alternatively, ships can go completely around South America which will add another 8-10 days to the trek, again depending on ports of call. Bon Voyage!


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about how far is it from New York to California

From: California To: New YorkThe distance between California and New York is probably across the US. So I went to Google maps and searched from California to New York. It said it was about 2,973 miles and it takes about 1 day 21 hours.

The distance from new york to san jose california is about 2930 miles

The distance between the above two places is 2461 miles. Mile is the best unit. The above distance is the straight line distance

Distance between New York & Missouri

By Car The driving distance from California to New York City is 4690 kilometers (2914 miles). By air The average flight distance is 2,413 miles, depending on where in California you start from and where in New York you go to.

The driving distance from New York, NY, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA is 2791.92mi / 4493.15km

Fort Worth to New York is the greater distance.The distance between Fort Worth, Texas and Los Angeles, California is 1219 miles (1962 km).The distance between Fort Worth, Texas and New York, New York is 1403 miles (2258 km).

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The approximate distance between Santa Barbara, California and New York is 2517 miles or 4050 kilometers. Traveling time in a passenger vehicle can take 1 day and 17 hours.

The distance between New York, New York, United States and Los Angeles, City of, California, United States is 2462 miles (3961 km).It is 2,777 miles according to Google Maps.

The distance between California and New York is probably across the US. It is about 2,973 miles and it takes about 1 day 21 hours.

The distance between New York and California is approximately 3000 miles (about 5000 kilometers).

Distance between Bradford and York is 29 miles or 46.66 Kilometers

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The distance between Schenectady to New York is 145 miles/233 kilometers.

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The distance between Barbados and New York is 2093 miles (3368 km).

The distance from Seattle to New York is 2427.5 Miles.

The distance from New York to Cardiff is 3335.8 Miles.

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