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Bad news- you can't add fat to your butt anymore than you can naturally control the size of your breasts. Nature gives you a pre-disposition to the amount of fat you store in specific ares of your body. by gaining weight over-all you will probably deposit more fat on your rear end, but not always. I know a few overweight gals with tremendous bustlines and skinny bottoms! It all comes down to genes in the end. If you want your butt to look bigger, do a lot of muscle building exercises to make it more prominent, and whatever you do, don't wear baggy clothing or stuff that makes your butt look non-existant. Always check your pants in the mirror to make sure they are giving your butt the most credit possible. When you walk, try to develop a slight sway in your hips (this is if you are a woman, I assuem you are) this will give you smoe femininity and enhance the look of your rear end. Also, wearing high heels tends to make it stick out a bit.

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Q: What is the way to add more fat to your butt when the butt is all muscle with no extra fat so and you want it to look bigger?
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How do you make your butt look big in jeans?

You can not. However, you could make your butt bigger if you want to make your butt look bigger in anything. Just eat and sit on your butt, and it will grow.

How do you increase your butt size?

You exercise and bulk up the muscle in your butt and your butt will look and be larger.

Who has bigger butt jlo or kim?

I think it depends on what you mean by bigger? JLo's butt juts out more if you look at their profiles. Kim's butt is much wider though.

How can my butt look or seem bigger?

By doing abdominal excersise.

Will sit-ups make your butt bigger or smaller?

Sit-ups help flatten your stomach and with that it makes your butt look bigger. Sit-ups do nothing to the butt. Sorry.

Can you take a pill to make your butt bigger?

Its much harder to target areas of fat then to target areas of muscle. The short answer is no. try doughnuts.You could also try to work with what you have by wearing clothing that makes it look bigger.

What type of swim suits makes your butt look bigger?


How do you make a girls butt look bigger by stuffing there underwear?

you dont.

How do you look like you have a big butt?

stuff some napquins in your underware to make it look bigger

Why did Nicki Minaj make her butt bigger?

Because she wants to look sexy.

How to make your butt grow?

Eat like there's no tomorrow. [: Well, actually, if you want to make your butt bigger, there's this thing in Sky Mall, they're called Butt Cups, or something like that, and they're supposed to make your butt look bigger.

Can you make your butt bigger by eating collard green?

No. Two ways to get it larger. Implants or a simple way is to go to a foundations store and buy the foundation with the padding to give that extra large look.

How do you get your butt bigger?

In my opinion the best way to get your butt bigger is eat alot of high carb food, pasta , potatoes and rice are good, also stick to alot of fruit & veg and drinking plenty of water. You then need to either do squats and/or lunges and cycling is also a great way to turn all that carby food your eating into muscle, therefore making your butt look bigger.Going on daily 20-30 minute walks helps.I'm in the process of trying to grow a butt as I'm thin and have no junk in my trunk,i will update my results in the future.Good look :)

Why would anyone want a bigger butt you freaks?

they just want it to look sexy

Would a short woman who is a 40 in the butt would look bigger than woman who is taller and 44 in the butt?

Yes, quite possibly.

How do you make your hips an butt bigger?

Well, if your thighs are big from the front and back it looks like your thighs is part of your butt, and that's how it makes it look bigger. I don't know of this makes sense. But, I tried?

How does a 12 year old get a bigger butt?

Why would you want a bigger butt in the first place.... ur 12 years old! Stop Worrying what you look like and get on with life before its too late!

Does wearing a lot of underwear over each other make your butt look bigger?

yes it does

What fillers are illegal in the US that are considered butt shots to make your butt look bigger?

One of the non-approved injections is called Hydrogel and is not permanent.

Do squats make girls lose their butt if they do them every day?

No, it contracts the muscle and make them a lot better to look at.

Does doing squats make your butt bigger?

It makes your butt more tight and toned. You will look more fit witch is more appealing than just a big butt. A full squat will work your glutes rather than just a half squat. But yes overtime it will make it bigger.

Does skating make your butt bigger?

Yes we all it "hockey butt"... Hockey Guys in Levi's look great! Gluteus Maximus being worked hard while skating...

What exercises should you do to get a bigger rounder butt and how often should you do these exercises to see results?

By chance have you tried Pilates or yoga? I heard Pilates or yoga flattens the butt...building muscle is probably the only thing that will help it to get bigger. I have heard about squats and lunges, but I am not exactly sure how many and how often these should be done. Look up exercises to build "glutes". For building up the rear end do squats and lunges

What are the pills called that give you a bigger butt?

They are called Phattassibutox.^omgsh that can't be trueI'd look that ish up

How to get a bigger butt fast?

To get a bigger butt fast without taking pills, eating healthy and exersizing, just sit down on the edge of your chair. Don't slouch in your chair, that will flatten your butt. You can sit on the edge of your chair anywhere! At school, at parties and at work! I promise you that you will see a change in your butt in a week. Plus it will make your thighs look great, toned and thinner! =3