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Smaug introduced the weaknesses to Bilbo in their conversation. The biggest one was how Bilbo was going to get a one 14th part of the treasure home.

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What do you determine to be the weak point of the dwarves' plan?

the weak part of their plan was that they didn't really HAVE a plan, other than to get to the Lonely Mountain and somehow confront Smaug. Poor Bilbo!

What continues to be a weak point in the dwarves plan?

What they are gonna do when they get to Smaug

What was the weak point of the dwarfs plan the hobbit?

They had no idea how they were to fight the dragon. They were going to figure that out when the got there.

What are some metaphors in The hobbit?

"Every worm has his weak spot." This was comparing Smaug to a worm, which can be harmed.

What part of speech is weak?

Weak is an adjective.

What is Smaug's weak point in The Hobbit?

You mean physically? He has a bare spot in his armor, on the left side of his chest (nearest his heart) and he does not realize it.

My friend that is a girl told me there is a weakspot on girls but wont tell me were it is were is it?

The weak part of a girl is her private partThe weak part of a girl is her private part

What is the part of speech of weak in the sentence Jamie gave a weak answer to the question?

Weak is an adjective in that sentence. It describes the noun "answer".

The Virginia Plan addressed which problem in the Articles of Confederation?

The Virginia Plan addressed the problem of weak legislature in the Articles of Confederation.

Would the dwarves try to rescue Bilbo?

Not when they first met him because they thought of him as weak. But after he starts earning their trust and respect yes they would try to rescue Bilbo.

What is a weak mayor plan?

its a plan in whch the mayour has very lilte power as the city council has the power to override the mayours veto

Why is Bulbasaur weak to spearow?

Grass is weak to Flying. Since Bulbasaur is part Grass-type, it gets raped by Spearow, who is part Flying-type.

How would Lincoln assassination change the direction of Reconstruction?

He had a plan on how to accomplish what was needed and when he died his plan died with him. Andrew Johnson inherited the plan, but he was in a politically weak position which caused problems.

Is the earths crust weak?

no it is the hardest part of the earth

What is another word for 'weak?

With reference to cars. A weak mixture is one that has too much air and not enough fuel to burn properly. A weak part is one that is not stong eneough to do it's job.

Was The Marshall Plan viewed as a matter of national security.?

Yes, because a weak western Europe (without the Marshall Plan) would be vulnerable to Soviet aggression.

What part of your face that rhymes with weak?

The "cheek" rhymes with "weak." A person who has a "Widow's Peak" (V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead) also has something that rhymes with "weak."

Was thorin in The Hobbit a good leader?

yes he was he never led and when he did come up with a plan it was a weak one. Instead of standing up and doing his ancestors proud he left the dirty work to Bilbo yet Bilbo never truly gets recognized for being the one to fins smaug's soft spot, Bilbo is under appreciated for a while in the novel.

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