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What is the website called MadeBig about?

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== == MadeBig is a Salt Lake City based pyramid scheme, run under the guise of a social networking site which at one time enabled users to create, share and connect with other users but constantly changes and is currently attempting to collect money for charities, while skimming a large percentage off the top. It pretends to be "the next biggest thing on the internet", yet has existed since at least 1999 and constantly shows a very small user base when analyzed with commonly available web traffic tools.

Despite pretending to be a completely free site, what is not shared with casual users is that the site has agents who are paid little or nothing to recruit and boost the content and usage of the site. Unfortunately, many of the agents paid upwards of $297 for this privilege and many were also conned into paying around $70 a month for supposed site users who would rake in a percentage of sales made on the site. This entire scheme never got going and was re marketed shortly after, leaving the original agents with nothing to show for their investment or the money taken from their accounts month after month.

Members once could create blogs, forums and groups, share photos and social feeds, make friends, trade goods in the MarketExchange, connect with local businesses and play games.

Now, although a few of those functions remain the MadeBig website concentrates on the supposed 'social entrepreneur' side, with an unregistered charity foundation called "Grant Wishes Foundation", owned by Madebig President and owner, Richi Roane.

If an agent or Presidential Leader of this company ever attempts to sell you an "opportunity" in this company, you would be wise to investigate further. Ask about the company's past; why its owner has a background in pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing and miracle products sold online. Ask why the company constantly changes the purpose of its site and has a reputation for never paying what it promises and above all, get any promises made to you in writing - so that when you realize you have been conned, you have evidence of what has happened.

Another answer MadeBig is a social platform that presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage the power of people to create positive changes to worthy causes and make a difference in the world around us. People all over the world are facing an overwhelming assortment of social and environmental problems ranging from health care and education to global warming and economic disparity. For each of these issues, whether local, national or global in scope; there are millions of people who care passionately about working for change but lack the information and opportunities necessary to translate their interest into effective action. The MadeBig social platform aims to address these needs by first serving as the central platform for Social Entrepreneurs to inform and empower movements for social change around the most important issues of our time; and, second, creating ways that members can show support for these causes without emptying their wallet. A donation of time is just as good as a donation of money. Moreover, the fact that they are publicly telling the world that they support a cause is a donation of awareness.

A local newspaper did a report on the company after several complaints were made to a 'puff piece' they had unwittingly printed in June. A useful link is provided below for people who wish to know more about Madebig, TMII- the company who runs it and why it keeps changing every year. == == == ==

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