What is the website for the mcnay art museum?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What is the website for the mcnay art museum?
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When was McNay Art Museum created?

McNay Art Museum was created in 1950.

Who designed the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio?

Who designed Mcnay art museum?

What is the web address of the Mcnay Art Museum in San Antonio Texas?

The web address of the Mcnay Art Museum is:

What is the phone number of the Mcnay Art Museum in San Antonio Texas?

The phone number of the Mcnay Art Museum is: 210-824-5368.

Where is the Mcnay Art Museum in San Antonio Texas located?

The address of the Mcnay Art Museum is: Po Box 6069, San Antonio, TX 78209-0069

What are some tourist attractions near San AntonioTX?

There are many tourist attractions near San Antonio, Taxes. There are many art and music museums, such as the McNay art museum. And there are many nice parks, and skate board parks, where people can go and visit.

Where can one find more information about Portland Museum of Art?

Information about Portland Museum of Art can be found online from many different resources. The most reliable resource is the official Portland Museum of Art website.

Where is the Walters Art Museum located?

The Walters Art Museum is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The museum is stationed in the historic Mount Vernon district and is world renowned for their art collection. Walters is open to the public and offers a list of events on their website.

Who owns the metropolitan museum of art?

this was written on the museum's website At met Who owns the works of art in the Museum? The Museum is a nonprofit corporation, and the governing body of the corporation holds the works of art in trust. Who owns the building? The City of New York owns the Museum building and the property on which it is located.

Where is the Harwood Museum located?

The Harwood Museum is a popular art museum located in Taos, New Mexico. For more information regarding the Harwood Museum, check out their official website.

Who is the director of the Alexandria museum of art?

If you're talking about the Alexandria Museum of Art in Louisiana - which I think you are! - you can check out the contact information here, on the Museum's official website: Richard Gwartney is the Executive Director.

What are some art museums in New York City?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met") The Guggenheim The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) The Whitney Museum of American Art The Brooklyn Museum of Art The New Museum of Contemporary Art The Museum for African Art The Bronx Museum of the Arts The American Folk Art Museum American Museum of the Moving Image Artist's Space Gallery The Cloisters Asia Society and Museum