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Who is the CEO of reliance smart gsm service?

Anil Ambani

What is the web address of Reliance GSM service?

That would be:

What is Reliance GSM balance enquiry number?

To check the reliance GSM prepaid sim balance, type" *367# " and press the call button and you will get service reply within a second.To listen to the Reliance GSM balance enquiry, type *367 and press the call button and then follow the instructions as a mobile system.

How you configure reliance GSM net setting in your PC?

when i insert reliance gsm in my mobile n73 here is not come any message of gprs who say reliance website. then now i try it for gprs i failed any one know it. how i activate.

How can I get caller tune codes for Reliance GSM?

Contact the customer care of Reliance GSM services.

Can you use reliance 2G GSM gprs pack in a reliance 3G GSM gprs?


What is Reliance GSM sms balance enquiry number?

what is the sms balance enquiry number of reliance gsm

Caller tune code of kuch is tarah by atif aslam for reliance gsm?

i need kuch is tarah caller tune for reliance GSM

Reliance gsm caller tune code?

The Reliance GSM caller tune code is 51234. It is used when you want to set a favorite song.

What is the operating frequency of Reliance GSM?

1800 mhz

Is Smart Philippines GSM or CDMA carrier?


Who is the boss of gsm smart service-anil ambani or mukesh ambani?

Offcource..Anil Ambani.

Caller tune codes for reliance GSM?

CP 62051222

Can you use a Reliance CDMA sim in a GSM mobile?

No you cannot. Although there are some phones that support CDMA aswell as GSM.

What is the meaning of acronym GSM?

gsm is the one type of mobile telephone service. GSM stands for Global Service for Mobile Technology

How do you check free std minutes balance from reliance gsm phone?


Is Smart Philippines a GSM or CDMA carrier?

It's a gsm/umts network. There's no cdma carrier in the Philippines.

Can the Samsung Gravity Smart phone be used on any network?

Currently the Samsung Gravity Smart phone can only be used with T-Mobile service. The Gravity works on the GSM network. Verizon operates on the CDMA network.

Is pocket smart wireless is a gsm carrier?

unfortunately no, its cdma

What is apn name and phone number for using reliance gsm gprs on PC?

APN : rcomnet NUMBER : *99#

Which is the best GSM mobile service provider for Mumbai and Thane?

can someone tell me Who is the best GSM service provider in Mumbai? with best customer service,to elaborate a service provider that does not cheat ? customers

Who is the owner of smart gsm in Philippines?

Type your answer here... manny pangilinan

Is boost mobile CDMA or gsm?

Boost mobile has two types of service, CDMA and IDEN. So technically its CDMA and TDMA, they do not have GSM service.

What are all Mobile Phone Networks in Karnataka please?

Below is The Complete List Of Mobile Phone Service Provider or Networks in Karnataka Both GSM & CDMA.1. Airtel2. Aircel3. Idea3. Vodafone4. BSNL5. Uninor6. Tata Docomo7. Tata Indicom8. Reliance GSM & CDMA9. MTS10. Virgin GSM & CDMA

Fullform of gsm?

global service for mobile communication