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What is the weight limit for checked baggage going to Kenya?


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2016-11-30 17:10:41
2016-11-30 17:10:41

It depends on the airline, and whether you are flying first class or another level. The Standard Weight Limit Is typically 15-25 kilograms per person.

Anything over this will incur fees.

You can book extra weight for your baggage with your travel agent where you can have, for instance, 20kg instead of 15kg, but there will still be an upper limit beyond which they will not carry your bag.


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weight limit in baggage to Barbados is 50lbs in each bag you are allowed 2 pcs of luggage

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You can check the website of your airline for limits and regulations or call their number to find out.

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Airport shuttle services do not have unlimited baggage weight. There are limits to weight and fees for going over the weight limit.

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== == It depends on the airline, some let you check two bags at 49 pounds each, others add a fee for over the limit, and some limit you to one 49 pound bag.

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